Thursday, December 29, 2011

sparkling christmas with mhd?

Remember my previous post about the invitation i got from MHD?

Well i had a good time there, especially with my boss and colleagues.. finally i got to social with them outside of the office :)

The event started at 9pm, i arrived at The Gardens at 9pm BUT i had to wait for 30mins for parking AND it was at the jockey! =.=" everyone did their last minute of shopping and the parking was FULL

Freeflow of champagne from 9pm to 10pm AND after that my boss bought another 2 bottles of moet for us! yay! :D

(from left : canaan, jack, kenneth, jessie from MHD and me!)

(Me and the MHB girls)

(Me & Canaan)

(Me & Tim Chew)

I went home at 1am while my boss and my colleagues adjourned to Velvet, Zouk ~