Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Merry Christmas!


How was your Christmas celebration? for me, i did not receive any pressie except for a small present from the exchange present session that i had with some friends over the BBQ :)

But overall i had a good Christmas, in the company of friends on the eve of Christmas and a VERY delicious Christmas dinner at the restaurant which i've always wanted to go, Lafite @ Shangri-La, KL

It was a surprised dinner.. oh well, it wasn't that of a surprised as i know there will be a dinner BUT the venue of the dinner was kept secret by a very tight lip person

Anyway, it was my 1st time trying foie gras, caviar and Dom Pérignon.. it would be my 1st and last time eating foie gras for sure as although it's expensive, i don't really like the taste of it :P so yea, no more foie gras for me, you can save the money ;)

Here's some pictures of the food :-

And the Ladies at the restaurant is SUPER nice! good for camwhoring as it's ALL mirrors!

So yes, i had a good Christmas and what's important is that i was in good company :D