Monday, March 02, 2015

JDM meet..

The power of social media! all this happened on 25th October 2013

With just 1 post on a social media site and by night falls, around 200 JDM cars came out to 'play'

“Efforts to revive the JDM scene in Klang Valley – This Friday 25/10/2013 TT at Ara Damansara – Al Bakarth @ 9.30pm. C u there folks”

It is a meet that i'd never forget.. coz it's the night where i took notice of my-now-taxi-driver

I think it is better if you watch the video :D

Rog's Weekend : JDM Malaysia Meeting [] from Rog's mind on Vimeo.

ps: photo credits to CombustioNation and, video credit to Rog and