Monday, March 09, 2015

the cheeseRolla..

Who says an old car can't be as dope as the new cars? or when you see an old car on the road, you'd assume that it's gonna break down soon.. or most possible scenario, eh that owner must be old.. to own a KE70.. naaaaah....

There's this particular KE70 which owns by this young man, well... you don't want to mess around with.. his car is as dope as fuck.. he calls it 'CheeseRolla'.. sounds delicious eh? but you better think twice before you decide to 'eat' it for breakfast.. haha..

Here are some photos of CheeseRolla

Are the photos already making you drool?

Here is a video of CheeseRolla from Fydo Amin (part 1)

The CheeseRolla Feature from Fydo Amin on Vimeo.

Stay tune for part 2 of the video where CheeseRolla will be going sideways!