Monday, March 16, 2015

time to get to know our 'neighbours'..

Yet another weekend has came and passed.. but it wasn't another boring weekend for me.. i followed some friends to Malacca on saturday.. it was an invitation from our neighbours, Singaporeans..

A one day trip.. was supposed to be there by 5pm, have assam pedas, a walk along Jonker street and leave BUT everything got delayed when the gojira, R34 had an air-cond problem.. the hose was leaking.. hence we left KL late..

Here are some photos on the way to Malacca

After dinner, we went to Klebang beach for a photo session with our friendly neighbours

Overall, my saturday was well spent.. as for my sunday, stay tune for my next post folks!

ps: here's a link of a fire spitting godzilla