Thursday, August 03, 2006

toyota wish OR toyota caldina?

Okay okay.. been asking around.. since my mom loves mpv so much AND she's gonna pay for it, then i've made my 2 choices.. Wish OR Caldina.. a caldina comes with a GT4 engine plus it's turbo charged AND erm... wish comes with...... *thinking hard*

Here's a few mugshots of the cars i've chosen :-

It's a Wish! there's so much i can do with it.. tint the windows black, change to 17 inches, lowered it AND neon lights! muahahaha

AND this is a Caldina! look at this baby.. gorgeous baby.. *drooling* it's purrrrrrrrfect!

It's just L-O-V-E-L-Y.. agree?


Anonymous said...

Go for the GT4 girl... for sure. U will be the hippest Caldina + chick driver around.

Anonymous said...

hmm.... well, the caldina is good-looking + charming for sure~! but... it's not good to use it to race, coz its body is way too long for racing, u will get lose of control when u make a fast turning as the back will spin out and... dangerous gal~! u will be lucky if u only get a "drift" on the corner, else ur whole car-charming will be in vain...

my bf said he saw many caldina-s had been towed, so u can imagine what happened.

anyway, it's a nice car that it has much more power and better engine than wish of coz.

:: Nicole.F :: said...

dear val, i don't intend to race in a caldina.. hehe.. would rather race in a s15 OR a GTR :)