Tuesday, August 08, 2006

why do i have to grow up?

Time really flies.. in a blink of an eye, i'm 25 already.. in a few (7) months more i'd be turning 26.. i could still recall the time when i was still a kid.. when my family pampered me, carried me around and going to school.. i miss my childhood.. although at that time i dreaded to go to school.. haha

In this 25 years, i think i've went through alot.. things happened for a reason and it really made me grow up.. it kinda forced me to grow up.. i've to learn to take care of myelf and to make my own decision and judgements BUT still i'm being treated as a KID!

Honestly, i think the BIGGEST impact in my life was 6 months ago.. when i spilt up with my current bf.. I gave him everything and no matter what, we still had to split (not that we want it).. after the break up, it hit me hard.. the way i think about relationships and life AND also my future.. i could say that it's partially a good thing but then i've lost someone whom i love truly madly deeply..

I've learnt to see things from a bigger picture AND from a different angle.. i tend to protect myself from getting hurt anymore and not trust anyone easily.. i used to be naive and think that everybody has a good heart.. no bad intentions.. it's just hard for someone to figure me out now.. i tend to keep my feelings to myself and observe / evaluate people around me.. i too, don't feel the urge in getting into any relationships now BUT if it comes, i can't stop it or prevent it.. so, i'd let things be..

"Good things are just around the corner, just wait and be patient"


Anonymous said...

well, u can take ur time to go into a relationship. but i dont think it's a good idea to over-observe and evaluate others, including ur frens... coz they will feel tired of being ur frens as u always observe them... What a fren for? it's to keep ur loneliness and unhappiness away, and to chat and enjoy with u~ so, pls take it easy~ try to look things in an easier way, u will feel everything is just easy-going~ ciao~

Anonymous said...

oh ya, forgot to mention:

if u reali give ur heart to making friends with others, GOD will know, and if that fren is just using u or u think that the fren isn't good to u, GOD will know too. how u treat ppl, the same way ppl will treat u. i strongly believe in this. if happened this fren is not suitable to be my way, then just let it be. so, cheer up~! u have a lot of choice in ur life~ don worry, be happy to grow~ heheheee...

:: Nicole.F :: said...

thanks val.. for always being there for me :) u're a great friend!