Monday, October 16, 2006

do you like the e-card, baby?

Happy 2nd Month Anniversary baby! *jumping with joy* i hope you like the e-card i sent to you by Hallmark.. hehe..

It's just a simple card but i think it's meaningful :) with the message i wrote there for you.. I LOVE YOU!! *muacks muacks*


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the card sweetheart, and Happy 2 month anniversary.. Kisses..

-crash- said...

nice post on your photo from your profile, totally bring you out :P .oh ya, happy erm... 2 months anniversary to you guys

Anonymous said...

gosh.. u 2.. so mushy mushy.. lovey dovey! hahaha..

russ and nic.. sitting on a tree.. K I S S I N G!~!~!

:: Nicole.F :: said...

thank you.. thank you.. hehe..
and erm, i can't climb trees.. so sorry ler.. no K-I-S-S-I-N-G :p