Friday, October 13, 2006

was it summertime when we fell in love?

To my baby,

I think it was summertime when we fell in love.. it was 06.19am, 16th August 2006 when i received a sms from you telling me that you're in love with me and i replied back to you saying that i felt the same way too..

Here i'd like to dedicate a verse and a chorus to my baby from a song :-

Summertime - Beyonce feat P. Diddy

I wanted more than just a man (a man)
I needed a friend (a friend)
Someone i could talk to
someone who really listened
When you touched my hand
the sun got brighter then
Trusting you i closed my eyes
and felt i was in..

It was the summertime
when we fell in love
It was the summertime
when heaven shined on us
It was the summertime
baby there is nothing like the summertime

When i hold ya
i know that God
set you aside for me
and now
you are my prize
Wanna grow old wit cha
Fill a house wit ya pictures
Have a son for you
a little girl for me
together we'll raise a family


Justin Andre said...

Nicceee one~!!!

:: Nicole.F :: said...

hehe.. thanks :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the dedication pincess... 4 more days.. :(

Justin Andre said...

time flies worries =)