Wednesday, February 28, 2007

free movie tickets?

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My hubby and I were EVER SO lucky to get 2 free movie tickets for Norbit at Cathay cineplexes, Mutiara Damansara today.. we arrived at the cinema around 7.40pm and we were deciding what movie to watch when suddenly a guy approached us with 2 movie tickets! he said someone gave it to him and he didn't want to watch Norbit.. me and my hubby were taken by surprised.. as i wanted to watch it all along, we took the tickets and wanting to pay for it BUT the guy said it's free.. wohooooooooooo! save the money for the tickets.. hehe.. not too bad, huh? when we went into the the cinema, whoa! it was a couple seat.. even better :) we enjoyed the movie and darn, it was damn hilarious!

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

where's my valentine's presents?

I've totally forgot to put my my pictures of the presents my hubby gave me! how forgetful i am on that?! haha..

The day before Valentine's day (13/02/07) my hubby and me were doing some window shopping at 1Utama.. yeah.. 1Utama is like our second home now.. hehe.. then suddenly he told me that he got stomach ache.. sigh.. so i had to window shop in Zara myself while waiting for him.. i couldn't find anything nice in Zara so i came out and was sitting on a sofa bench waiting for my hubby.. i waited and waited then he came to me telling me he was looking for me ALL over the place! i was like 'huh? how could that be as i was sitting and facing the toilet entrance all along'.. but anyhow, i decided to forget about it.. We went home after that and after parking the car, he popped the back bonnet and VOILA! he took out my valentine's presents! i was so touched... *teary eyes*

Below are a couple of pictures of MY presents :-

This is me with my presents (a stalk of rose, a helium balloon and a bunch of piggies) hehe.. cute and adorable piggies :)

Here's a close-up on the piggies.. i LOVE them!! *grinning*

p/s: This year Valentine's Day was the MOST memorable and the MOST meaningful Valentine's Day that i've ever celebrated :) hehe.. it's coz my hubby is here with ME!!!

Friday, February 16, 2007

~ Happy Valentine's Day!! ~

I know it's a lil too late to wish "Happy Valentine's Day" but oh, what the hell.. haha.. i hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine's Day..

Well, i had the MOST wonderful Valentine's Day ever! it was nothing BIG or EXTRAVAGANT like receiving a bouquet of 100 roses OR travel around the world OR receiving some EXTREMELY expensive gift.. well, our Valentine's Day did cost my hubby quite alot too.. just a lil more than usual :p~

First we checked in to KL Hilton which is situated opposite KL Sentral.. we got ourselves a room on the 25th floor.. our room number was 2509.. before we went up to our room, we made a reservation at one of the 10 restaurants in KL Hilton itself.. we made a 8pm dinner reservation at Chynna.. it's a fine dining chinese restaurant..

After that we went up to our room.. as we entered the room, i was amazed of how nice the room was! first there was a HUGE plasma TV and secondly, there was a TV screen right on the bathroom mirror! so when we're brushing our teeth or washing our face, we can look at the mirror AND watch tv at the same time! how cool is that?! we had a working desk too in our room..

After checking out the hotel room, we went to explore th hotel.. hehe.. we stopped over by the swimming pool on the 8th floor.. it's just sooooooooooooooooooooo beautiful! we couldn't resist for not going for a swim.. but before we went for a swim, we stopped by at the health and spa centre.. we booked for a massage session at 10pm.. then we went up to our room and changed.. went straight down back to the pool :)

We spent a couple of hours at the pool.. we were late for our dinner as we were too engrossed enjoying ourselves.. hehe.. we headed straight back to our room to change and i had to dry my hair.. then we went to the restaurant.. Chynna is a chinese fine dining restaurant.. although the food is pricy but it's worth EVERY penny.. it's just so simply D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S..

After dinner we rushed to our massage appointment.. we were given a few choices of the oils that we want them to put on us when we were being massaged.. i chose for refreshing and my hubby chose for relaxation.. it was a 60 mins session..

Then we went back to our room and had a nice bubble bath.. we ended the night cuddling each other and enjoying the KL night view from our room :)

For more pictures, do visit my photo album

Monday, February 12, 2007

extended family?

When i first got to know my hubby, i was told by him that he has a BIG family.. he has 6 other more siblings! hehe.. but for me, i'm the only child..

So, when i signed the paper .. i instantly has a BIG extended family! :) i never knew how it was like growing up and living with other siblings.. now i have 6 brother in-laws and 2 sister in-laws.. not to forget my mum in-law and my dad in-law..

Here's a family picture of ALL of us back in Penang :-

One BIG happy family :) do i blend in well? hehe..

For more pictures, click on this link

Sunday, February 11, 2007


Some people might ask where is penang.. for those who are not from Malaysia, penang is actually quite near to south of Thailand :) hehe..

It was my 2nd visit to penang.. when my hubby
was back on 20th jan, he spent a week here in KL and then another week i spent with him at penang.. we stayed at G Hotel which is situated right next to Gurney Plaza.. we managed to get a room despite it was a VERY new hotel which just begin their operation 2 months ago and only with 2 floors operating..

This is our room 5O5 :-

Do i look pale? hehe.. behind that closed door, it's a VERY BIG S-P-A-C-I-O-U-S, simple, comfy room and it only cost my hubby RM 203 per night ;)

My hubby took me to a few places in penang this time :-

We went to Gurney Drive which is just next to somewhere near the Gurney plaza.. this is my fav curry noodles :) *yummy* just can't get enough of that!

And this is my hubby's fav 'Char Kuey Teow'

My hubby took me to this noodle stall which is operated by a few of the indian guys.. my hubby had warned me before-hand that the noodles are spicy and reddish :p~

I was like OMG! this looks spicy.. but then i digged into it.. hehe..

Up close and personal.. ACTUALLY it's not spicy at all! don't let the color fool you! lol..

Before we started to shop at Gurney Plaza, we stopped by at this shop to eat.. as some people might have know that i'm a pasta lover so this is heav
en for me! :p

Look at the loooooooooooooong list of food they served.. especially the pasta list.. took me a a couple of mins to make up my mind what pasta to order..

Finally my pasta had arrived! can't wait to eat but then my hubby wanted to take picture of.......

THIS! my pasta.. yea yea, i know the prawns looked not that fresh but hey, the pasta is YUMMY! can't get enough of it.. wanted to order another one BUT nah... too much of it won't taste good anymore :p~

This was my hubby's pasta.. hehe..

ps: for reservation at G Hotel, you can check out their official website here

Sunday, February 04, 2007


I never thought that i could float in the water let alone to swim! my dad has been teaching me how to swim when i was much much younger.. looking back at the pictures when i was wearing my red polka dot bikini, makes me snicker now.. hehe..

I'm 26 years old now and after a few lessons from my dad a long long time ago, i stop learning to swim.. i gave up eventually.. but i did jumped into the swimming pool and dipped myself in it once awhile.. swimming? that would be out of the question as no one could teach me.. first of all, i'd be scared of drowning and secondly, no one in my family could REALLY swim!

Today for the 1st time i swam :) my hubby bought me a pair of goggles yesterday as we went shopping at Gurney Plaza, Penang.. so today when i'm at my in-laws apartment, my hubby asked me to go swimming.. it was REAL burning HOT today so i agreed to just dipped in the pool and watch him swim.. but then i ended up learning how to swim.. it was fun and he was there to catch me whenever i felt myself drowning.. he taught me how to hold my breath underwater, how to float, how to paddle with my feet and so on..

It was really scary to swim.. as i've always had a fear of drowning and no one is there to catch me.. BUT with my hubby, i trust him and i know he'd be there catching me.. tomorrow we'd be catching the early ferry at 8.30am to Langkawi and we'd spend a few days there.. just me and my hubby :) i can't wait to spend some quality time with my hubby.. away from our families, friends, traffic jams and etc.. that's what i call HOLIDAY!! *grin*

This is me before swimming! :)

Thursday, February 01, 2007


I've been tracking track of ALL the messages i got from my Friendster which guys been sending it to me.. i have about 18 messages from guys whom i do not know asking me if i'm interested to be their 'friends'.. i don't know why they keep on sending me messages.. is it that they can't read (illiterate) OR they just don't understand at ALL the word 'MARRIED' on my friendster's profile status.. i mean 'What's wrong with the people nowadays?'.. not ALL married women or men would cheat on their spouses..

Why can't single guys look for single girls or vice versa? why must they disturb someone else's husband or wife? just leave the married ones alone!