Friday, June 22, 2007

~ Bye bb ~

As the clock continues ticking, i know that it's getting nearer and nearer that my bb has to leave.. leaving me behind while he goes off working for our future, our condo AND my car.. i know that if my bb has a choice, he'd want to stay here with me *sigh*

Last night was the last night for us to cuddle and sleep together.. hugging each other to sleep.. he'd be leaving tonight so my bed would be empty without him :'( i do not know how am i gonna sleep coz for the past couple of months we were inseparable.. it's EXTREMELY upsetting whenever i think of this.. thinking that from tomorrow onwards, i'd be doing things alone without my bb..

Anyway, here i'd like to say thank you for ALL of my readers reply on my previous post.. thanks for your concerns and i do appreciate it.. i know it's not that bad to be separated for a few months compare to some which have to be separated for only-god-knows-how-long.. i tried to focus on the things that i can do OR i have to do while my bb is away BUT bear in mind, no matter what i do or go out with anyone in the daytime, by night time i'd still be alone sleeping on my BIG EMPTY king size bed while hugging his t-shirt.. that's when i'd think of my bb.. i hate being alone.. especially alone without my bb..

I hate looking at the time now.. as i know it's ticking away all the precious time that i am spending with my bb.. i hate to say goodbye to my bb.. i hate to kiss and hug him for the last time at the KL Sentral before seeing my bb off.. how i wish he doesn't have to go.. how i wish i could turn back to the time when he just got off from the ERL.. how i wish i could relive every moments that i've ever spent with my bb *closing my eyes and wishing hard*

Who am i kidding? i know that i could NEVER do that.. if only someone invent a teleport... anyone??!!!


lovegoddess said...

Yes ! a teleport could be SO USEFUL !!

time will zoom by pretty fast nic..with the house, car and boboie to watch over ;)

Purple~MushRooM said...

Time flies.. in no time, i'll be reading your blog saying that you will be going to pick up your BB at sentral again.

Cheer up... look forward to August!!!

Anonymous said...


:: Nicole.F :: said...

it's so much easier to say than to be done.. i miss my bb already :'( just can't bear to think of living without him let alone to be really going on with my life without him for the next 2 months..

before my bb went off, he asked me to be strong.. not to miss him too much coz he doesn't want me to be depressed and cry.. all i can say is, i'll try, bb.. for u i'd try to be strong.. pls do come home soon..

Anonymous said...

>.< too sentimental for me T_T nevermind nic, if worse comes to worse, i can take care of the R34 in ur place so there won't be so much burden =p hehehe