Friday, June 29, 2007

which one?

As what most people know, my bb is gonna buy me a new car!! :) ok ok.. shhhhhhhhhhhhh~ *pssssst.. i'm really excited tho* we still haven't decide what color and which body kit to match with but we had decided which car we gonna get!

Here's a few which i like :-

Veilside body kit

Side view of it..

Varis body kit

Blitz body kit

Side view

Mastergrade wide body kit

INGS body kit

I'd want vector art on my car also.. nice?

Hmmmmmmmmmm.... my bb in deep thoughts *would the car look nice with blue OR bronze color? which body kit to match with it?*

Honestly i'm REALLY excited that my bb promised to get me my dream car.. it's been my dream car ever since i saw it on a car magazine.. bb, i just want to say that thank you for wantign to buy the 350z for me and i promise i'd take really good care of it.. i just can't wait!! :D *dreaming*


Russ said...

The GT version with Brembo brakes In Blue and Varis bidykitt is what i'd go for...
The Mastergrade bodykitt would require modifications to the suspension or tyres and spacers, so it better to use it standard first before modding, to get used to it.. :)

:: Nicole.F :: said...

yea, i like the Varis body kit too :) so can i have that??