Tuesday, September 04, 2007

more updates?

Sorry peeps for not updating my blog as frequent as usual.. yea i know there's a possibility that i'd lose my readers :( i hope you guys would still come back to check on my blog.. guess i'm not as hardcore (came home and online, online til 6am, reading other blogs and commenting on it) as russ.. he had updated his blog more than me and been replying comments on his posts.. even i do have freetime, i'd prefer to take my rest earlier, dedicate my time to my bb as he'd just be here for 6 weeks and also cook for my bb..

Anyways, i got some updates here for you guys who has been waiting for it.. on 1st Sept, we attended a drift event at selayang.. i was lucky enough to get to sit in 2 of the fully-modded drift cars :p~ haha.. it was REALLY cool to go side ways!!

Please click here for more pictures

The next day my bb took me to Victoria Station nearby my place.. i had MY lobster!! *yummy* they got me a 700g lobster flown all the way from US which came with a price tag of RM19.90 per 100g..

Here's a picture of it.. don't drool ya?

Half of it was plain grilled and the other was with lemon butter *yum yum*

My bb's juicy steak

My shark's fin with abalone soup

My bb's shark's fin with crabmeat soup

Finally.. yesterday it was my 3rd time eating at Carl's Jr.. heheh.. i went there with my bb.. who else? :p

More pictures, click here

And today, i woke up at about 12pm to cook lunch for my bb.. this was what i cooked :-

Alfredo meatballs fettuccine for my bb

My olio vongole fettuccine

For more pictures of my cooking procedures, please click here

So, that's all for now.. if you want pictures of the 'beast', do check them out on my bb's blog :) stay tune folks for more updates from me!

-signing off-


Russ said...

wah.. bebee, I forgot about the lobster, wanted to blog about that but u hid the pix from me! *grrrrrr*


Russ said...

Thanks for the pasta & meatballs baby, ur cooking is really improving! :)

lovegoddess said...

waahh.. you're having fun in and outta the house ya.. :)

i know you love car shows and testing powerful machines but your cooking is making me drool right now (not forgeting that i just had my lunch) your meatball fetuchini looks damn good !!

:: Nicole :: said...

u're welcome bb :)

lovegoddess: don't let the pics fool ya! hahaha.. it's just the sauce from the bottle :p~

Adrianne said...

Here's an idea! When you move in to your new place, you can have a house-warming party and invite all your friends over to sample your cooking :)

PurpLe~MuShRooM said...

I will check on your blog, but not so often because I know when Russ is back, you guys won't have that much time to blog. Rather do something more productive, eh?

:: Nicole :: said...

adrianne: i cook?? haha.. u must b joking.. i'm not good at all.. seriously =.=

purple~mushroom: er.. i think it's just me who doesn't have much time to blog.. either russ is offshore or onshore, he still finds time to blog.. hardcore blogger