Friday, August 31, 2007

where have we been/done?

Since my bb is back, we've been quite busy with stuff.. on the 1st day just right after his touched down at the KLIA airport, we went to Sunway to take his 'beast' :) but before that we went to Pyramid to have our lunch at Tony Roma's.. i managed to take pictures of our food :-

Tony Roma's menu

My grilled chicken breast :)

My bb's medium well steak

We finally took the 'beast' home without tuning coz the tuner is on holiday til monday.. so my bb is running-in the engine and he managed to do about 700km for the past 4 days! time for oil change soon.. heheh..

Anyway, the next day me and my bb were invited for korean bbq dinner at puchong.. we met up with jane, ariff, jensen, benny and ms khoo.. it was my 1st time going for korean bbq AND i only took a few pictures :(

Free flow of complimentary side dishes

For more pictures, proceed to here

But before the dinner, we went to the Curve for my bb's haircut :-

It was pack, but my bb managed to find a seat! haha

Finally it was my bb's turn

Last night was Merdeka eve, so me and my bb went to 1Utama to do some shopping.. we bought a 46inch Samsung LCD tv!! Huraah!!! gonna have it delivered to my place this monday.. i can't wait to watch movies on it :p~

As for lunch, we went to Sushi Groove.. the decor wa
s nice.. the lightings made it difficult for me to take pictures.. grrrrrrrrr... coz it was so dim *sigh* yea yea, my new phone doesn't has flash BUT somehow i managed to take 3 pictures :p~

Yup.. it was THAT dark.. can you see it's a menu?

Pointers eating @ Sushi Groove

The interior decor.. nice, huh?

About 4pm-ish, my bb drove to Klang to meet up with justin.. my bb's old schoolmate.. it's his b'day today but we celebrated it last night by having seafood with some of justin's friends.. after the dinner, we rushed to Sunway Lagoon for the Merdeka rave party with some of our friends and we met Tom from ZeroToHundred @ ZTH there.. we got some VIP tickets so we got a corner to ourselves and the BEST thing was we didn't even sweat!! :P we were chatting with Tom and told him that his forum is the place where me and my bb met :)

Here's only 2 pictures of the rave party which i have for now :-

We came home about 4am-ish and i fell asleep in the car..

ps: i'd bug ariff for more pictures of the rave party :p~


ckwei said...

good to see that u are finally having fun :) the rave looks pretty packed, who was spinning?

Anonymous said...

i'm so jealous of the samsung tv :(

... and the rave looks rad !

Jason Ong said...

Wah Nic!! Envy of u leh. Each time your BB comes back, u got something new.

Ps:- By the way Russ, when u r going to join us for DILYSI session with your beast?

lovegoddess said...

waahhh !! looks like you and russ have so many events under your sleeves! full and packed with fun !

where to next ??

:: Nicole.F :: said...

ckwei: we didn't know who were spinning.. just went there coz got free tickets! :)

jasonphoon: heheh.. yea man.. 46inches :p~

jason ong: well, this time it's not for myself only :( it's for our condo :p

lovegoddess: it just so happened that it was holiday.. so our friends were free BUT holiday gonna end soon.. everyone will be stressed out.. heheh..

probably we'd drive to sg and pg.. wanna shop in sg :p~

Horny Ang Moh said...

Hallo! Monster pic??? Wah so happy! Do post up s'pore pic. Never being to s'pore & ur pic will be educational for me!

:: Nicole.F :: said...

monster pics? u can check out russ's blog for it.. he took LOTS of pics of it BUT haven't posted it up.. so stay tune for his blog :)

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

wheres the pic of the car??