Saturday, February 23, 2008

chicken rice?

Of all places to eat, my bb took me for chicken rice for our 1st lunch date on our 2nd date.. according to him, it's the BEST chicken rice that he EVER tasted.. so i decided to give it a try :) the shop is quite old.. some old coffee shop style which situated along Jalan Gasing.. same row as the 7-11..

So now whenever my bb is back, we'd go there for chicken rice.. my bb loves chicken rice and me, i'm a sucker for mesmerizing our 1st lunch date together there.. hehehe..

Here are some pictures :-

My bb waiting patiently for our food to come.. so i took a pic of him.. nice t-shirt, eh?? he wore this t-shirt on our 1st date when he came to pick me up at night! >.<

Many uncles and aunties like to 'hang' out at this shop.. don't know why.. maybe it's their 'old' place.. maybe they just feel like home..

Pork + cuttlefish balls.. my bb's fav.. i like the soup :)

Our lunch..

There.. my bb was stuffed! hahaha.. overall, the food was nice and most importantly, my bb was there with me :D what else more could i ask??


anitakrishlee said...

Ooohh! I know that place. I've been there once...only once.

Grace said...

the tshirt -_-"

x said...

yay...i went there before ....the pork balls is the give away ...XD

ilovepearly said...

Haha...he stick his tongue out, food must be good!

Hedonistics Anonymous said...

must go there to eat the next time i come to kl :)

Calvin's Wife said...

HAHAHAHAH damn i have that tee from FOUR SKIN~!! I heart tokidoki .. :P now that tee is my sleeping baju liao wukakaka yes, its soo worn out cos i wear it alwayzz.. :P

AND, that chicken rice shop is okay larh.. the best in KL to make me remember IPoh's chicken rice :P