Monday, February 11, 2008

where is nicole?

Yeap, i'm still alive AND kicking!! too bad for some of you people out there, you must be disappointed to know that i'm still living on this surface of earth and MY blog is still alive.. muahahahahah! *evil laugh*

Anyways, if you're a regular reader of MY blog then you'd know that the ONLY reason for me of not updating my blog so often is that when my bb is back :) he came back on the 7th.. 1st day of Chinese New Year (CNY).. so it's not too bad as he gets to celebrate CNY with my family in KL..

I've a loooooooooong post to put up on MY blog.. so if you're not interested, buzz off!! hahaha.. just kidding :P

This is an outdated post.. but WTH.. i still want to put the pictures up just for the laughs :P~ i took the pictures when we (evie, evie hubs - calv teh, me and calv teh) were at the playground of Desa Park City.. look at the 2 grown up kids or should i say.. monkeys?? hahahaha... oh yea, try to spot the monkey which was all over the playground >.<

The playground
(do you think this is for kids?? )

The 'grown ups
' *shaking our (me & evie) heads*

Later after that night, we all went up to Genting.. it was farking cold! but we had fun :) plus evie won some moo-lah.. read all about it here..

It was CNY's eve and before the
reunion dinner at my aunt's place, i get to spend a few hours with my friend, Mei Leng and her sister at the Pavilion, KL.. we had lunch and then we Mei Leng and her sister shopped.. it was like my 2nd time there and honestly i can't afford anything there! a pair of heels/shoe from Tangs is already like RM100+ *sigh* i better stick to buying heels from Vincci..

(nice interior decor but the food it's NOT worth the price)

Do they look-alike? i'd like to post up pictures of the food we ordered BUT.. nah... so after lunch we went to Tangs.. both of the sisters wanted to get some new lingerie.. so i tagged along AND boy, the lingerie fitting room is so freaking nice! :) guys, would you want a sneak peak of it? *winks at calv*

The fitting room
(it's full of mirrors and mannequins EVERYWHERE.. it could be a lil freaky tho :P)

Sorry guys, no pictures of the sisters in their lingeries strutting down on the catwalk coz it was ain't a Victoria Secret show :P~ oh yea before i forget, i found a VERY interesting book in the fitting room.. ta dah!

How cool was that, huh? the book matches my blog title purfect-ly :P then by 6pm, i got home and picked up my mum and boboie to go over to my aunt's place for dinner.. when we arrived there, this was what i saw on the dining table :-

The 4 of us with er... 8 dishes? hahaha...


My bb touched down at the KLIA exactly at 6pm :) as usual i went to picked him up.. when i saw my bb walking out from the arrival terminal, i couldn't helped smiling.. i wanted to just run to him and just jumped on him BUT i didn't.. hahaha.. maybe next time :P~ we then adjourned to my uncle's place for steamboat.. uh uh.. i just realize that i didn't take any pictures.. guess i was too excited that my bb is finally home! :)

My whole family came out for dinner.. and darn, i forgot to take pictures again :(


My bb took me to the Central Park at Bandar Utama.. it was my 1st time there and also our 1st time at a park! hahaha.. lucky it was not hot.. or else i could have melted :P

Can you see 1Utama was just behind me?? i'm a HAPPY woman once again :) why? coz my bb is back with me and i can always snug up to him and be in his strong muscular arms :D later at night, we attended the skyline drive and we ended up home at 4am! but it was an AWESOME drive :)

10/02/08 (yesterday)
My bb took me together to meet up with his long lost ex-high school friend, Mellissa Saw and her bf, Andrew Westwood at TGIF, the Curve.. it happened that the 2 Westwoods are related! plus we all have a friend (Leonard) in common :) what a small small world.. facebook IS scary.. LOL! after dinner, my bb went to have his haircut and after the haircut, my bb bought some choco for me :)

10 pieces of the choco costed my bb RM25.. that's crazy BUT then it's REALLLLLLLLLLY yummy.. my bb ate most of it while i was sleeping.. now left only 2 for me :( as i'm typing this, my bb is still sleeping.. as usual.. he slept this morning about 7am after i got out from my bed and cooked him 2 instant 'mee goreng'.. he was up ALL night playing this! :-

He just bought it yesterday and spent the whole night playing it *eyes rolling* we started off with a Honda Integra Type R.. yea.. WE.. coz i was helping my bb to win some credit to buy the GT-R.. but by 4am, i was already falling asleep.. my bb told me that he got himself the R34 AND the 350Z while i was sleeping =_="

Okay, i guess my post is getting longer and longer now.. so i think i better stop.. it's almost 4.30pm and i gotta wake my bb up for lunch.. geez, i can't wait for Valentine's Day, the bloggers' yee sang and our Singapore trip..

Last but not least, i'd like to wish ALL of my readers who celebrate CNY 'GONG XI FA CAI'.. so long for now.. tata~

ps: i hope i won't gain too much weight during this CNY.. coz i've been eating non-stop! grrrrrr....


ckwei said...

at long last, an update! :D
happy cny to both of u, and have a safe journey :)

ilovepearly said...

Glad your having a wonderful time with your sweet one!

Calv said...

dammit u must put the pic where i have cig in my mouth huh =.=

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

i thought i saw u that day at starbucks at 1U with your bb..but i thought u still had long i thought it wasnt u..

Anonymous said...

Happy CNY...u got to lose soe weight nicole...not for the sake of figure but alot of heart and other diseases are associated with overwieght,

u still look pretty ... ;)

Anonymous said...

anonymous: Do you actually think Nicole is overweight??? Sweetie, you need serious therapy - don't push your sick obsession on others.

:: Nicole :: said...

ckwei: so u were waiting for my update??? hehehe :P thanks for reading :)

ilovepearly: yea, he's back so i gotta spend more time with him before he flies off again :)

calv: =.= what? that's the only pic i have of u n calv on the skateboard thingy :P~ and pls, don't smoke on a children's playground >.<

joe: hmmmm.. so u actualyl thought i was some other girl? hehehe.. u thought my bb is out with another chick? LOL!

anon: happy CNY to u too.. hmmm.. do i look obese with less than 60kg and that i'd get a heart prob becoz of my weight? and thanks for your compliment at the end of the comment :)

anon: some ppl are just concern about my weighty issue.. so i don't blame them :)

Anonymous said...

ann : there is something called health and its important thn ur sick comments u leave.....ur the one who needs real big time therapy...I bet you only eat and shit ..thts all you know...

Nic : Its good to exercise daily just to avoid any health problems...

Fird said...

Hey Nicole! Love your new hair! :D