Tuesday, February 19, 2008

yee sang?

What is yee sang? click here for more info..

On 17th Feb, it was my bb's first time to hang out with the group (evie, calv & calv).. and it was our 1st time eating at this place, SS2 new paris.. it was jam packed FULL with people.. probably because it was sunday evening.. we had to park our car across the road..

Here are some pics of how crowded it was :-

This is the yee sang that we calv ordered :-

See how many freaking chefs were there :-

According to calv, there's a kitchen on each every single floor.. which means they have 3 kitchens! so don't worry.. you'd get your food in time :)

Hate to say this but there's only 1 more picture for me to upload... which is this! :-

Evie, did i get your angle right?? hahaha... the lovely sweet funny couple..

ps: sorry calv, this time don't have your picture.. muahahahaha!


Calv said...

hmph.... nvm la, no need my picture oso better in a way since got that calv ady :p

Jackie Leong said...

i've been to the same restaurant before, it's always packed full of people.. my family kinda consider it a "fast-food" kinda place cuz food is served rather quickly, but taste-wise is okay la.. we did notice it's quite cheap though :D

ilovepearly said...

Rarely get to see a open kitchen at the restaurant, it's nice!

Calvin's Wife said...

*sweat* need to pay royalty fees wan leh when u take my pic wukakakakaka... ok, picture can pass... wukakakakakaka.... it was a nice outing with russ.. he is one clown guy also.. glad all of us can mingle together la... wukakakaka

we must do this often... *does the eyebrow* including ebaying too.. kakakaka

x said...

evie longkang besar...tak takut banjir kilat XD