Wednesday, February 27, 2008


YES! me and my bb are FINALLY gonna move into our own lil love shack... er.... SOON! hahaha... it has been.... errrr... 1 (ONE) FREAKING year the renovation.. tell me about it *eyes rolling*

Well, we can't really blame the contractor coz they only can work 5 days a week and 9am to 5pm only.. plus with all the holidays *sigh* example for CNY, they had to stop working for 10 days coz they were not allow into the premises.. AND we TOTALLY changed everything.. hacked the walls, the floors and etc.. furthermore when my bb is away, i had to make decisions.. it's hard work you know.. coz if 1 bad move, i've to live with it for the rest of my 10 years or so =.=

Luckily we got ALL of our furnitures.. can you believe it? we got a 'L' shape sofa, dining set and a recliner chair a year ago *shaking head* i hope it's not out of fashion anytime soon.. hahaha.. a few days ago, we FINALLY bought our bed from Macy.. yea, i know.. it's the most important piece of furniture :P~

My bb will be going away soon.. yea.. i know! he just got back.. but what to do, work more important.. so it's up to me now to make the decisions.. the color of the curtains, the design of the wardrobes, the shoe rack, the study room and etc..

Gotta go now.. will blog again soon.. stay tune for pictures! :)


Here's a sneak preview of the guest bathroom :-

It's not FULLY done up yet.. but so far, what do you think? does it look like some 5 star hotel bathroom?? >.<


ckwei said...

good to hear that the place is finally ready :) i'm moving into a new place with my gf too next week, along with my sis. did a lot of shopping for cookwares, furnitures and electrical appliances lately. moving into a new place really gets you pumped up (at least for me :P)

happy moving!

anitakrishlee said...

Congratulations Nicole. Enjoy your love nest :)

ilovepearly said...

Looks great!
I want to see more...hehehe

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

open house! open house! open house!

Grace said...

me wanna stay in ur toilettt..haha

deedee said...

so nice!!

mr jp said...

oh it'ss about timeeeee :P

Calvin's Wife said...

i like ur place. its nice! macam hotel wukakaka so now we got a new place to have party and sleep overs.. WEE~!@!!!

ShaSha said...

Congratulation,your house looks great! I am gonna move in my new house few more months later. This present time, i am busy survey and searching around to grab good things ALONE as hubby away from me to work. Err, i need to water the garden, do weeding -_-lll Both of us gambateh hor~ (add oil add oil)