Friday, July 04, 2008


A month ago, i thought i made the wisest decision EVER but it seems for now i don't think so =.= i left with only 3 choices to which internet service provider to choose from..

First would be Streamyx from Telekom.. for my mom's place, i've subscribe to streamyx since a long long time ago.. sometimes it'd give me problem.. no internet for a few days PLUS the speed isn't THAT impressive =.=

Second is MyKris.. my opposite neighbour has been complaining about it most of the time.. sometimes either it's out of connection or the connection is slow OR the employer of the company screwed up your payment hence they thought you didn't pay and they terminate your connection..

Lastly all i have left for me to choose was the Izzi wireless broadband.. i read some good reviews about it on a forum.. plus there's stalls set up within PJ area promoting it AND my upstairs neighbour is using it.. she's quite pleased with the connection speed.. so i called the sales guy up and he came over to test the connection for me.. voila! the connection is good.. when i download videos on youtube to watch, it doesn't lag.. the download speed is faster than the playing hence the video is s-m-o-o-t-h... i signed up and paid for the whole year subscription fee plus since i signed up when they were doing their promotion, i have 2 extra months free to surf the net! :)

Now, i really thought i've made the RIGHT choice but i'm beginning to have doubts about it.. sigh.. my bb helped me to set the izzi up together with the Airport Express which he bought while he was in US yesterday.. opening blogs are super fast, downloading video from youtube is fast BUT i can't load some of the pictures, log on to ZTH, can't load half of JP's blog and worse, i can't even freaking load my yahoo mail!!! GRRRRRRRRRR... oh oh.. that's NOT the worse part YET.. the worse part is that I CAN'T SIGN IN TO MY MSN!!!!!!! ARGGGGGH!!!!

So, i guess i'm still kinda out of touch with the world :( i miss chatting with my friends online!!! *sigh* *double sigh* *triple sigh*

Here are the pictures of our Izzi modem and Apple airport :-

Anyways, you must be wondering why i didn't sign up with maxis.. well, the thing is......... there's NO reception on where i stay right now.. it only works ground floor or a few floors above.. we are staying on the 24th floor.. so... no point subscribe to maxis..

Guess i've to call the Izzi technician to solve our problem =.=


ckwei said...

great to have updates again, missed reading them :)

expensive notebook spotted :P russ' new toy? btw, if he bought the airport extreme from the us, does it mean it'll have to go through a transformer?

Jackie Leong said...

might want to check with your router or modem settings or at least check with any friends/neighbours using izzi if they are having the same problem?

:: Nicole :: said...

ckwei: that notebook is old :P i think should be about 2 years of age.. he's planning to get a new one :)

as for the airport, well.. i can use it directly without a transformer :)

jackie: hmmmm... i'd leave all that to the expert.. i mean the technician.. not russ :P

mr jp said...

is that my blog that you can't load half of ?

That's a weird problem there nic. Oh and krispy kreme soon ya :P

:: Nicole :: said...

yea jp.. your blog.. but then since u changed your new skin, i can load it.. no prob ;)