Monday, July 21, 2008

So, do you know where we went last saturday?

I HOPE no one knows where we (me, my bb & boboie) went last weekend.. coz if not, there's no point of me having a blog.. to post about my outings and trips :P might as well just close this down ;)

Anyways, we went for go-karting together with my bb's cousins AND ramsey, russ's brother.. it was not that hot.. so boboie was not sweating much.. quite breezy i must say..

There, our saturday was spent few hours at the Shah Alam track :P


Anonymous said...

wow fun...did u play the go kart too??u mean ramsey that drive a black scooby???


:: Nicole.F :: said...

scooby: i didn't play coz i had to look after boboie :( darn... anyways, ramsey rides a bike..

Anonymous said...

oh ok. sorry,so that is the other ramsey that i m talking about..hehe..