Sunday, July 27, 2008


I got more stuff from Singapore actually.. not only the bracelet :P hehehe..

Pants from Pull & Bear (SGD 40), crocs slipper and Loco Roco (PSP).. i think all of it are cheaper than it's selling here in M'sia.. so, i guess i've an excuse to shop more in Sg next time! ;)

Besides that, i just got a brand new wallet from Braun Buffel, 1Utama yesterday..

Now, i gotta fill up the compartments :P


baggie said...

ZzzZzz ... is that the best you can do Nic? WUKAKAKAKAKAKAKA.. after a whole day of complains, LOL.... well that shows you're not a big spender and you spend on things you need. Ok mah... Russ must love you for being such a thrifty person. ;) Especially when you have the spending power but you did not use it to the max.

:: Nicole.F :: said...

evie: =.=

i've failed and disappoint u, o-master-guru-sifu of shopping.. be better next time i shall

Anonymous said...

What I like about shopping in Singapore is they have more brand names available and its cheaper compared to home. Personally, I enjoy shopping in Europe particularly because I do not like the shopping mall concept. Paris & New York brings shopping experience to a whole new level. If you have not already visited these countries you should!

:: Nicole.F :: said...

purplesugar: i wish i have the chance to shop in those countries :P~