Tuesday, July 08, 2008

still dating?

Yesterday we finally had our decent date :) you know, the usual... movie, dinner and window shopping.. we went to pavilion in KL.. the valet parking is quite reasonable.. rm15 per day! :)

Anyways, we went to the cinema to buy the movie tickets.. we chose to watch hancock at 9.05pm.. so we had like 2 hours to spare.. for dinner and just walking around.. we had our dinner at TGIF :-

Our appetizer (fried mozzarella cheese)

My dinner (jack daniel's grilled chicken & shrimp)

My bb's dinner (grilled lamb chops)

During dinner, my bb told me about the last job he did in mexico with the mexicans divers.. that he learnt some basic spanish in just merely 3 months =.=" after dinner, we still had like 1 hour to spare before the movie.. so my bb took me to do some shopping.. we went to forever 21, adidas, nike, and parkson but ended up buying nothing.. i didn't go home empty handed :P as most of you all know that sometimes my bb likes to pamper me.. AND to those who thinks i'm materialistic, i guess it's NOT surprising to you that i bought something.. hahahaha...

It was my 2nd time buying things from pavilion.. first time was when i shopped in forever 21.. bought just 2 tops.. i always think that pavilion's shops are just too high end for me.. hence i don't just walk into those shops and try things out.. fyi, i've NEVER EVER walk into a LV shop or a burberry shop or a coach shop or gucci shop or versace shop before.. if not for my bb who took me to tiffany & co when we were scouting my ring, i'd have never step into that store..

Since i need a casual looking bag to put my stuff (wallet, camera, phone, GPS, ipod, car keys, house keys, sunblock, perfume), we walked into Juicy Couture :-

Look at this! aren't they cute??

I had my eyes on the daydreamer.. i only needed to choose which color (pink/brown/black) to buy :-

I like the pink but since it's velour, it's hard to maintain.. my bb agrees to it.. he said the brown is better.. brown goes with any color of my clothes.. so i took the brown daydreamer..

Swiping my supplementary credit card which is given to me by my bb :-

We got home and my bb went straight to reply those nasty comments i got on my blog while i, was busy snapping pics of my new bag with my new camera :P

Ta Dah!

The inside :-

It comes with a small cutesy love shaped vanity mirror too!

This bag would be my everyday bag for a long long time.. i'm not a bag person hence i don't think i'd be buying bags frequently ;)


The Mrs Blogs said...

Hey Nicole, cute bag. What was the damage like? Hehe.

If you can, check out Baby Phat bags next time, you’ll have no regrets :) I was told you can find them in Pavillion, not too sure about this though.

:: Nicole :: said...

thanks :) erm.. the damage?? shhhhhhhhhhh~~ :P

baby phat? u sure? oh well, i won't know coz i've yet to explore the whole of pavilion! hehehehe...

ade said...

Hi Nic,

I have the same bag but with different prints on it and it's pink !

Mine is a lil damage already cos when i was to cut the plastic covering the vanity mirror strap (i am the fairest part), i accidentally cut the strap into half :( my heart was broken into pieces...have to use cellotape to stick them back now !

i bought mine online and it costs around RM760++. How much did you get yours for?

:: Nicole :: said...

ade: u cut it into half?? @_@ anyways, i like the pink too!! :)

Eugene said...

The girls can oogle at the bags while my saliva is dripping over the food!

They're making me hungry!

:: Nicole :: said...

eugene: yea.. my JD's grilled chicken and prawns is NICE :D

deedee said...

omg.. nic, your bag, darn nice. i like!

Ms. _______ 2 be ! said...

So nice, I like the pink bag but I never really got myself to pay for such bag...ahaha.