Monday, July 07, 2008

sony cyber-shot?

I've always wanted a Sony cyber-shot ever since they launched the first T series in 2004.. but back then people told me that there's alot of problems with the LCD screen so i bought a Nikon camera instead :(

Fast forward 4 years later, i finally have a cyber-shot camera in my hand!! well, thanks to my bb :)

Ok ok.. those pictures can't do justice of how pretty color is! :P so here's a pic i took from the net :-

Basic specs of W170

Resolution : 10.1MP
Lens : 5x zoom
LCD size : 2.7 inch
ISO : 80 - 3200
Shutter : 2-1/1600
Max aperture : 3.3
Memory type : MS Duo / MS PRO Duo
Battery : custom LiIon
Dimensions : 3.7 x 2.3 x 0.9 in (94 x 58 x 24 mm)
Weight : 169 g

"The Cyber-shot W170 includes Sony's latest face detection technology, which can now distinguish between the faces of children and adults. "Child priority" or "Adult priority" modes are available and the camera will detect up to eight faces in a frame and optimize focus, exposure, white balance and flash.

Adult/Child priority shows up in Smile Shutter mode, too, which may replace your typical use of Self-Timer mode. In Smile Shutter mode, you press the Sony W170's Shutter button but nothing happens until someone smiles. You can even change how big a smile it takes to trip the shutter. Sony describes the levels as laughs, smiles, or grins.

The Cyber-shot W170 also features Sony's new intelligent scene recognition (iSCN) technology, which allows the camera to automatically select what it "thinks" is the optimal scene mode for a variety of shooting situations. In advanced iSCN mode, the camera will not only take a photo based on the user's settings, but will automatically take a second photo if it determines that another setting would yield better results. The user then has two images to choose from." by Mike Pasini

If you've doubts about the quality of the pics, just go over to my bb's blog to check out the pictures he just posted up yesterday OR the picture of my Izzi modem :)

I specifically asked my bb to get me the red color coz my current fav color is RED! DUH! hehehehe.. anyways i've to admit that i was a lil disappointed when i first saw the camera coz it's not the one that i wanted :P i totally forgot to tell my bb that i wanted the T series instead of the W series.. i just told him that i want the 10.1MP red sony cyber-shot.. it's my fault =.="

This is actually what i wanted :-

The only difference between the 2 of them are the designs, the weight/dimensions and the smile shutter mode..

For more reviews of the W170, click here.. oh oh btw, the W170 hasn't arrive on your shore yet.. i think.. hehehehehe.. i LOVE my new cyber-shot!!! :D


Little Miss Curious said...

I've been thinking of getting a Sony Cybershot. Perhaps you could write a review on it once you've gotten used to the camera?

PS: That is the colour I like too :)

Eugene said...

I have a T20 but somehow I just can't seem to get the right settings for shots in dark areas. They're always turning up blotchy :(