Saturday, November 14, 2009

bath salts?

I have always like to soak myself in water since young.. and now whenever i go for a swim, i'd not want to get out from the water.. maybe it's coz i'm a pisces.. haha

Anyway, since now we have a jacuzzi.. i can soak myself as long as i want in it.. with hot/warm water.. russ love to be in it with me too.. so, instead of just soaking myself in plain water, i've bought a bottle of bubble bath and bath salts..

I went to body shop and crabtree & evelyn searching for the bath salts but they said they don't sell it.. alas i found it at L'Occitane.. cost rm65 for 300g..

Yesterday as i was window shopping with leonard and jesz at 1U, i dropped by to Acca Kappa wanting to get some bath salts as i finished my previous bottle..

There are 2 types of bath salts but mainly the difference is just the scent.. the
calycanthus is abit too strong for my liking hence i chose white moss which smells smoother and relaxing..

I hope i won't finish it so fast as the Acca Kappa bath salts cost twice of the L'Occitane bath salts..

Besides bath salts, Acca Kappa also sells body + hair + face + dental care, fragrances, brushes and combs, and spa essentials.. check out their online shop here..

Ok, i gotta go now.. i can 'hear' my jacuzzi calling me.. hehe..


Nat said...

Not farmilar with bath salts as never was a tub kinda guy. haha.

Just curious, how many baths can one bottle last on an average?

:: Nicole.F :: said...

erm... whoopsie~ i didn't keep track :p

The Mrs Blogs said...

Not familiar with bath salts either. Do they have bubbles too? So now you always look forward to bath time la Nicole? Hehe :)

:: Nicole.F :: said...

cas: they don't have bubbles.. just scent and it's supposed to make u relax.. like aromatherapy thingy :)

well, i don't look forward for bath always.. normally i'd just take a quick shower.. coz it takes like forever to fill the whole jacuzzi up! :p

LM said...

Even the perfume also very nice too:)