Wednesday, May 26, 2010

brain washing?

Many of us got brain washed or influenced by other people without us realizing it.. some are good influences while most of it are bad ones..

Remember how you got influenced/pressured by your peers on your first puff of cigarette? or the 1st time you had sex? or the first time you smoked weed? or the first time you skipped school? or the first time you drank alcohol?

Often, it all started by 'friends'.. they will tell you how good it is to do this and that.. how they will boost your ego and bring you to cloud nine, telling and showing you ALL the good things about the things which they are doing.. that you will be way better off if you'd be like them.. tempting you..

They may not directly tell you to your face but the things they do or tell you, will indirectly makes you think of all the fun and excitement which you could have if you follow their footsteps

If you do not have a strong will power, you'd lose your own self.. you'd forget who you really are, the plans which you had made, ditching your family, loved ones and real friends just to get into the 'friends' world.. you'd do ALL the things which your 'friends' do just to get accepted into their world and you'd think that what they are doing is feels right to you..

I was brain washed by friends too while i was in school.. i was being put in a position where, if i don't have a bf meant i don't belong to the popular group.. hence, i tried to get acceptance.. i argued with my mum, asking her why can't i have a bf.. why can't i go out with friends like everyone else.. why i can't even have guy friends.. constantly, i was giving my mum headaches and heartaches.. i was secretly wishing that i could ditch my mum so that i can do all the things which my friends are doing BUT i can't.. as she's my mum..

But i gotta thank her now.. for not giving up on me.. standing by me all the time and leading me back to the right path.. which is study comes first..

In college, most of my friends smoke.. even my mum, but not me.. why? coz i have a strong will power and i know what's good for me and what i should stay away from..

Conclusion, it's not a bad thing to have a big circle of friends.. it's not a bad thing too that you love to socialize.. just make sure DO NOT forget who you really are.. set your feet firm onto the ground.. make your own judgment, whether your friends are swaying you off from your right path or are they helping you to walk on the right path.. and 'open' your eyes when you make new friends.. some people are supposed to be hi and bye friends only while some will be there throughout your life, helping you through ups and downs.. and not taking you for granted


Cas said...

Well said Nicole! And sometimes it's not just friends, even your own relatives/in laws will brain wash into doing something you don't want to do, hence it's always good to stand up for what you believe in.

Elyssa said...

You said it right gal. Especially once we reach a cretain "age" where we are suppose to be matured adults, these "influences" from so called friends should not bother us much because we know who we are as a person.