Tuesday, May 11, 2010

personal shopper?

How many of you guys/girls really do enjoy your job? i've never enjoyed my job.. mostly coz it's not what i wanted.. i love to meet new people and attending events, hence i'm on a look out for any job openings from an event company BUT at the meantime, i'd like to try my hands to be a personal shopper..

Yes, i love to shop and i'm providing you all my service.. i'll attend warehouse sales on your behalf and get the things that you want since most of you girls/guys are busy working your ass off.. you just have to pay me a small fee for my service :)

And since i travel quite often to singapore, i could get stuff from there for you too! that maybe you have to pay me 5%-10% commission.. 

Anyone interested to 'hire' me? don't worry, it won't cost you an arm or a leg.. haha..

For starters, i just received a sms telling me about DIOR's clearance sale.. so girls, you want anything? ;)


Nat said...

Just got back from SG. However steered clear of the shopping district. Was more on a sightseeing roam.

Personal shopper huh? Definitely would like one myself. I need an image consultant one day. Currently sticking to my usual checkered sense of self dressing. lol.