Friday, November 12, 2010

absolut academy?

Date : 10th nov (absolut academy @ blackbox, dutamas)

Finger food with a lil touch of vodka, of course! ;)

Tim as usual with his alcohol drink in hand

The 'students'

No, that's not glasses of water.. those glasses were filled with different types of vodka for us to taste

Which one is your favorite?

Me and the lovely sarah low

 The two funny representatives from absolut vodka

A little info about sweden (where absolut vodka is originated)

I want this bottle!! anyone has this?

The history about vodka

Ahhhh~ now this is the person you got to thank if you're an absolut vodka die hard fan


Now it's time for some lessons in cocktail making!

Gotta thank henry pomerov (for showing us on how to make great cocktails) and the good looking henrik ohlstenius (for all the info about absolut vodka)

Sarah getting her certificate

And i got mine too!! ok ok, everyone got theirs as well :P