Wednesday, November 10, 2010

skewers bbq & grill?

Food review

Date : 4th nov (food tasting @ skewers, subang avenue)

Creamy mushroom soup for a kick start

Neapolitan cheesy meatballs - rm18

The pretty erica with the owner

Andy kho, as usual busy taking photos

Cai jin with tim chew

Minty lamb (served with pilaf rice and butter vegetables) - rm24

Terriyaki chicken (serve with garden salad and fries) - rm17

Garlic butter prawns pasta (succulent prawns coated with a fresh herb, garlic and butter marinade and served with mashed potatoes, fresh garden salad and pasta) - rm23

Grilled sambal fish burger (hot and spicy sambal sauce and cheese on top of the fish pattie) - rm18

And this is the double ultimate button burger

Erica having the honor to cut the burger

Zesty fish with cesar salad

 Mei Sze and tim chew

Me and andy kho

Cai jin and tim

Me with the pretty erica ting

Celebrated mei sze's birthday

The girls group picture

Now together with the only 2 guys in MHB

This place is definitely a nice place to chill out with friends for a drink or two, have a hearty meal and to do some catch ups with them ;)

SG-01 Subang Avenue
Persiaran Kemajuan SS16
Subang Jaya
Tel : +603-5632 1368 
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