Tuesday, November 16, 2010

in singapore?

For the first time, i went out of malaysia without russ.. i drove to singapore.. not a big deal as i always drove down anyways..

I needed a break.. as i've been busy working and also having my social life back.. i need to get away and take a breather.. i went through so much and i think i deserve to pamper myself with a little shopping trip..

My 3 bottles of molton brown body shower gel

A new pink canon camera with a ferragamo  strap

The orange box

A hermes kelly double tour bracelet

My friends took me to eat the most yummiest food in town

Scrumptious alaskan crab which cost SGD200

Deep fried corn coated with salted duck egg

Besides food pictures, i camwhore too! hahaha...

We have the RM5 daiso shop, in singapore is always SGD2 daiso shop

And i went ga-ga over this shop!

To some of my friends whom i didn't get to meet up when i was in singapore, sorry.. i was only there for 3 days.. next trip, ya? ;)