Tuesday, November 23, 2010

zouk cafe?

Food review

Date : 19th nov (food tasting @ zouk cafe, gardens)

Ice ice litchi - rm10

Breaded fish fingers with thousand island - rm15

Grilled cajun chicken salad with honey mustard dressing - rm22

Caramel hazelnut milkshake - rm11

Pumpkin soup - rm14

Mediterranean seafood with thai chili sauce - rm14

Vegan tikka grill - rm8

Lamb shish kebab with garlic mayo sauce - rm14

Prawn tempura set - rm36

Pan fried black cod fish with risotto - rm48

Spaghetti primavera - rm20

Zouk burger - rm26

Chicken parmigiana - rm29

Ala marinara - rm34

Specially for us, black chocolate + a shot of guinness

Mango pudding

Sarah and tim

Group picture!

Zouk Cafe Bar
The Gardens,
Tel : +603-2288 1997