Thursday, November 25, 2010

new friends?

Over the span of more than a month, i've made quite a few of new friends.. thanks to tim and calvin.. now my circle of friends has increased! :D

Not too long ago, calvin introduced me to a few of his friends from Hong Kong.. and they are super funny! they really made me laugh my ass off some times.. the best part is, they come to KL every month.. now, i can't wait to see them again next month :)

Took the guys to ecoba, damansara perdana for some drinks..

The guys (aaron, sam, calvin and simon)

The 2 guys from HK (sam and simon)

Me and the 2 funny guys

Me and calvin

Aaron and sam

The guys playing arm wrestling

No one can beat sam.. look at his muscle!! o.O

We had 2 buckets of beer and a glass of absinthe for simon.. and we all went home tired and happy coz we all had such good laughters together ;)

ps: more updates soon on some of the events i attended :)


The Mrs Blogs said...

Wah you're the only rose among the thorns, or is it the other way around? Hehehe, glad you're having fun!