Thursday, March 26, 2015

THE Bojio YumCha...

14th December 2014 - it was a FUN day for us all.. one whole day spent with the car guys under the sun mostly.. haha..

The Breakfast Club (TBC) organised a Bojio Yum Cha session.. basically it was a session where all of the motor heads would gathered, catching up, talked about cars, admiring the rides, went for a stroll and ended with a photoshoot session

We gathered at a mamak at putra heights for breakkie and then after some safety talk, we proceeded to putrajaya

Safety talk / rules

It was quite an organised 'stroll' to putrajaya.. no cars really strayed off.. everyone was quite obedient on following the instructions.. probably coz they want their photos to be taken :P

The only female photographer and we became friends!

The boyf in elmo, S13 <3 p="">

We arrived our destination...

AND as soon as i saw the slope, i was like... WTF! o.O

I scrapped my baby T_T

Everyone got to the parking safely.. no bumper fell off :P

After snapping a few photos, TBC decided to move to another venue.. a BIGGER parking space.. so we all scrapped our cars.. AGAIN =.="

Look at poor elmo.. almooooooost.. toooooo close for comfort..

We arrived at a bigger parking space and it was still super hot.. sun was blazing and we all got sun tanned :P

The lonely 'ladies'

Last but not least, the boyf gave us some 'entertainment'.. what he does BEST.. can you guess?

After the 'donut' he did a burnout.. or was it vice versa? hmmmm....

Overall, like i said it was a SUPER fun and hot day! it was 2 days before we officially got together and i shall remember this day as long as i could

Here's a video to summarise the day from Ryan Ng! :D

ps : credit to all the photogs for all the AWESOME photos