Sunday, August 27, 2006

is this REALLY for REAL this time?

Yup it is! :) i finally have moved on coz i'm so in love right now.. i've never thought that i'd love again after what happened with Danny.. it was 6 months ago when i broke up and then i met someone special.. he's the new LOVE of my life right now and his name is Russell John Westwood..

This is my baby :-

My baby driving me around almost everyday :) sorry baby, for getting us stuck in traffic jams.. hehe..

I love seeing my baby smiling.. so cute.. makes my heart melts.. ahhhhhhhh....

Oh, did i forget to mention that my baby's driving his baby too? yeah.. he's a proud owner of a bayside blue skyline R34 GTR V spec HKS tuned.. vroooooooom vrooooooom..

As all you've know (pssst, for the regular readers only).., i've been MIA for the past one (1) week..well to be exact, 10 days.. yup, i've been busy dating with my baby.. on 15th August 2006, we met for the very first time after he drove all the way from Penang to KL.. i was just so attracted to him.. before that we always chatted on the phone almost every night and we emailed each other.. it was a luxury to spend time with him.. he's the most loving guy i've ever met.. always telling me how beautiful i am even i look like a zombie (not enough of sleep)..

For the past 10 days, we've been going for movie marathon, eating pastas, shopping, workshop, tt session, clubbing, genting and etc.. we had been to ALMOST every shopping complexes around in KL and PJ..

I am REALLY REALLY happy being with him.. even we were just hugging each other and doing nothing.. he always put a smile on my face :) thank you for being there for me, helping me going through my fear of commitment and THANK YOU for loving me! think i've found my soulmate *BIG grin* AND i've to thank god that you found me in ZTH.. hehe.. or else ALL this won't be happening..

i LOVE you.. xOXooXoxxxOOoxO

Just the 2 of us :-

Me and my baby's baby... what do you think? hehe..

Do we look good together? I think we do!! I LOVE my baby

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

whose b'day was it?

I should've blog about this on sunday (13/08/06) night but i was too lazy AND sleepy.. furthermore i left the camera cable in my car.. so, since i have time now before leaving for dinner with my friend, here's some pictures of the small b'day party we had at my uncle's place..

Although it was not the exact b'day for my uncle and cousin, it was still a happy gathering for us.. my aunty, demi and uncle got back from bintulu, so it was fun! my cousin, ivan is now officially 16 years old now and my uncle is 50 years old already.. sigh. .time really flies..

We had my uncle's favourite steamboat.. my aunty got ALL the food and made the soups on saturday itself.. i got a BIG HUGE.. okay, a decent pretty box for my uncle so that he could stash ALL his rubbish in it and put it in his brand new car! hehe..

So, here's a couple of pictures..

This is the cake.. can you read what's on it?

This is a pot of Tom Yum soup with lotsa food inside.. mainly seafood, veggie AND mushrooms *yummy*

I'm not a good photographer AND everyone was not at their best.. ended up just taking a few shots.. pls proceed to my photo album for more pictures :)

Happy viewing!

how to modify a car?

For those jokers who thinks modifying a proton satria/accord/vios/ etc etc just for the sake of looking ' cool ' when you have no idea what 'modifying ' a car is all about.

Here's what european
ppl think of this kinda jerks :
When a moron (see: retard, dumb@$$) decides to
take a car (foreign or domestic) and tries to make it look fast. The car will not really gain any HP or performance, but it will gain numerous
stickers and shiny paint.

can be identified by one of the followings:

1. Huge exhaust that serves no purpose but to make the car louder.

2. Incorrect Badgings. (i've seen myself a Perodua Kelisa with a BMW logo!)

3. Insanely
large exhaust tips (5" in diameter or greater).

4. A Honda that has "performance mods" such as stickers, seat harnesses, and a fire extinguisher in full view (just in case the things catches on fire when it hits 60 km/h).

5. A driver who claims his car has 100 HP per liter but will not fess up to the fact that his car has a total of 43 ft/lbs of torque.

6. Spoilers & bodykits; especially those made of cardboard or plastic.

7. Large spoiler on the back that looks like something Boeing made for the 747.

8. Bodykit to make the car appear lower, usually accented with chicken wire.

The Laws

Law#1-Pronounce N.O.S. as one word (NAWS).

Law#2-When you are outpowered, call people out with your friends car.

Law#3-Have an aftermarket body kit installed (Lips not included).

Law#4-Use of neons or L.E.D.'s to light up your car.

Law#5-Use an aftermarket tachometer ... when your car already has a working stock tachometer in it.

Law#6-You must install a non-functional wing/spoiler on the back of your car.

Law#7-Names of performance parts on your car that you dont have.

Law#8-Claim to beat cars that your car is totally uncapable of beating.

Law#9-Magazine race.

Law#10-Install racing seats on a car that runs a 14 second or slower quarter mile.

Law#11-Listing stereo equiptment or any visual mod when listing all your performance mods.

Law#12-Believe that Honda invented VTEC.

Law#13-Putting sub-brand labels on your car ... example: Honda emblems on an Acura, Audi on a VW .. etc.

Law#14-Install an aftermarket duel-exhaust on a 4- cylinder.

Law#15-Make your exhaust sound like a lawn-mower.

Law#16-Buy a nitrous system just to purge.

Law#17-Mounting smaller tires to decrease gear ratio.

Law#18-Multi collored body panels.

Law#19-Claiming horse power and quarter mile times without testing or proof.

Law#20-Talk about how fast your car will be once you buy and install all the parts.

Okay, okay i admit.. i've done some of the mods mentioned above BUT i didn't OVER do it.. hehe.. i used to work as a part time cashier at my friend's accessories shop and i've seen MANY of those 'hideous' monster.. i was like.. oh nooooooooooooooooo......

Saturday, August 12, 2006

what the hell is this?!

Muahahahhahah... i took these pictures when i was stuck in a traffic right in front of the MNI Tower.. just couldn't resist to not post it here..

What's wrong with the pictures below?

Picture 1

Can't see what's wrong with the picture? how about the next one?

Picture 2

Okay, if you can get the correct answer, you'd win a date with me! focus... focus...

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

why do i have to grow up?

Time really flies.. in a blink of an eye, i'm 25 already.. in a few (7) months more i'd be turning 26.. i could still recall the time when i was still a kid.. when my family pampered me, carried me around and going to school.. i miss my childhood.. although at that time i dreaded to go to school.. haha

In this 25 years, i think i've went through alot.. things happened for a reason and it really made me grow up.. it kinda forced me to grow up.. i've to learn to take care of myelf and to make my own decision and judgements BUT still i'm being treated as a KID!

Honestly, i think the BIGGEST impact in my life was 6 months ago.. when i spilt up with my current bf.. I gave him everything and no matter what, we still had to split (not that we want it).. after the break up, it hit me hard.. the way i think about relationships and life AND also my future.. i could say that it's partially a good thing but then i've lost someone whom i love truly madly deeply..

I've learnt to see things from a bigger picture AND from a different angle.. i tend to protect myself from getting hurt anymore and not trust anyone easily.. i used to be naive and think that everybody has a good heart.. no bad intentions.. it's just hard for someone to figure me out now.. i tend to keep my feelings to myself and observe / evaluate people around me.. i too, don't feel the urge in getting into any relationships now BUT if it comes, i can't stop it or prevent it.. so, i'd let things be..

"Good things are just around the corner, just wait and be patient"

Thursday, August 03, 2006

toyota wish OR toyota caldina?

Okay okay.. been asking around.. since my mom loves mpv so much AND she's gonna pay for it, then i've made my 2 choices.. Wish OR Caldina.. a caldina comes with a GT4 engine plus it's turbo charged AND erm... wish comes with...... *thinking hard*

Here's a few mugshots of the cars i've chosen :-

It's a Wish! there's so much i can do with it.. tint the windows black, change to 17 inches, lowered it AND neon lights! muahahaha

AND this is a Caldina! look at this baby.. gorgeous baby.. *drooling* it's purrrrrrrrfect!

It's just L-O-V-E-L-Y.. agree?

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

could i EVER get rid of the blardy viruses in my pc?

It's been a really frustrating day for me these couple of days.. my pc has been manifested by some blardy trojan viruses.. WTF! what have i done to deserve all this? sigh...

I've used, lemme see... one, two, three and FOUR anti-virus & anti-spyware softwares.. argh!! spent the whole freaking day scanning and rebooting my pc.. AND now, i can finally say that... i think my pc is "healed".. thank God.. Amen!

Anyway, i'm currently taking a holiday now from work.. yeap, i resigned.. let's say that i can't adapt to the environment there.. not coz of the workload.. in fact i DID NOT mind having to stay til 1am just to work.. i love being busy.. it keeps me from being too free and left with nothing to do.. it could occupied my time :) but sad to say that, i left coz of something else.. BUT i do miss my ex-colleagues, Faisal and Nurul.. i miss having nasi lemak as breakfast with Faisal and having lunches with both of them AND also bugging Nurul to finish up some work.. hehe..

So, to my friends who are worried about me.. oh, some of them are happy that i left the job coz, oh well.. don't need to worry about me.. i'm less stressful now, i sleep til 10am or 11am, happier, could sleep late AND i could go shopping whenever i want.. i'm like having a vacation.. a week or 2.. then i'd be off to work again :) don't envy, ya? :p

Now, i do have more time to blog at the time being.. muahahahah AND also to catch up with friends.. also to think what car should i change.. lol.. hmmmmm.. toyota wish or Caldina OR a BMW E46? sedan or mpv or performance car? decision decision decision.... but right now, i need to shop for new clothes for a new job! ;)