Friday, June 29, 2007

a week?

WOW! in a couple more hours, will be exactly 1 (ONE) week since i sent my bb to the airport.. time flies.. although it's gonna be a week, me and my bb hardly chat on skype or email.. we just exchanged sms-es before he left for trinidad and now he's on the ship, he's busy with work.. but anyhow, it was nice to chat with my bb and to hear his voice today :)

I miss my bb every single day.. at night when i'm on my bed with my eye
s close, trying to sleep.. i'd think of my bb.. imagining him hugging me to sleep.. i'd think of the road trip we gonna do when he's back and the quality time we'd spend together..


which one?

As what most people know, my bb is gonna buy me a new car!! :) ok ok.. shhhhhhhhhhhhh~ *pssssst.. i'm really excited tho* we still haven't decide what color and which body kit to match with but we had decided which car we gonna get!

Here's a few which i like :-

Veilside body kit

Side view of it..

Varis body kit

Blitz body kit

Side view

Mastergrade wide body kit

INGS body kit

I'd want vector art on my car also.. nice?

Hmmmmmmmmmm.... my bb in deep thoughts *would the car look nice with blue OR bronze color? which body kit to match with it?*

Honestly i'm REALLY excited that my bb promised to get me my dream car.. it's been my dream car ever since i saw it on a car magazine.. bb, i just want to say that thank you for wantign to buy the 350z for me and i promise i'd take really good care of it.. i just can't wait!! :D *dreaming*

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

80s cartoons?

Okay, since i started a post about cartoons... why not we try to remember our childhood cartoons? i was born in 1981 (yea yea, i'm THAT old) so i remember some of my favorites :)

Lemme share em' with you guys :-

The Smurfs (1981-1990)

Jem (1985-1988)

He-Man (1983-1985)

Care Bears (1985-1988)

Thundercats (1985-1990)
For the thundercats ost, please click here

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (19889-1990)
Alvin and The Chipmunks (1983-1990)

Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers (1988-1989)

Danger Mouse (1984-1987)

Denver, the Last Dinosaur (1987-1989)
The Jetsons (1985-1987)

The Flintstones (1981-1988)
Ghostbusters (1986-1988)

Heathcliff (1980-1984)
Mighty Mouse (1987-1989)
My Little Pony Tales (1986-1988)
Gummi Bears (1985-1989)

Voltron, Defender of the Universe (1984-1987)

Guys, this is all i could remember/recall of ALL the cartoons that i've watched since i was a kid.. GOSH.. i think i might have watched a lil too much of telly.. heheh.. anyone has anything to add on to this list of mine??


For those who was born during the early 80s, i'm sure you would remember the original transformers.. the cartoon version.. i remember when i was being taken care by my nanny, i'd stick to the telly for cartoons and transformers was one of my favorites! :)

When i got to know that Micheal Bay was gonna make 'Transformers' the
movie, i was excited.. BUT hold up.... i got disappointed after watching the trailer.. DAMN...

This is the original transformers.. the 1st generation.. and........

This is the new transformers.. WTF! optimus prime looks like a mutated optimus prime! okay, he looks like an alien to me..

I don't know about you guys BUT i still prefer my old transformers :)

Tuesday, June 26, 2007



I know my bb won't even come near to me or kiss me IF he's here.. hehe.. coz i smell! :p~

This is before :-

And this is after (in a few mins) :-

It's durians.. i like them BUT not so much.. too much will make me *puke*

ps: ok ok bb.. i'll brush my teeth and drink lots of water before i sleep :p~

Monday, June 25, 2007

where is my bb??

It's 1.25am here and my bb still hasn't online yet.. i guess he's still sleeping.. he had a tiring journey to US of A.. i'm coping quite well with my bb's absence.. i can't say that i don't miss him coz there's not one single moment that i'd stop thinking about him..

Luckily he's still able to sms me with his track phone which he got from US.. wish he'd be online soon on skype so that i can chat with him.. hearing his voice.. i miss him terribly..

This is what i hug to sleep every night :-

I asked this from him right before he left.. as usual, every time he leaves, i'd have 1 of his shirts.. it makes me feel like he's just right here with me

Saturday, June 23, 2007

how much is the doggie in the cage?

1st day my bb not with me *sigh*

Anyway, i went out with my aunty and grandma for lunch at Marché.. i had the half grilled chicken with mushroom sauce.. hehe.. then we went to Harvey Norman as my grandma insisted to buy me something for the new condo.. so i took her there to have a look at the Philips blender.. then she asked
me to get more things as the blender was too cheap!! i was like... CHEAP??? it was RM400+!! so i walked around and saw a rice cooker.. from Panasonic.. it's 1.5L.. then she said "get one more" coz she said the rice cooker only cost RM200+.. the last thing i got was a Tefal iron.. steam iron..

WAIT!!! OMG!!! blender, rice cooker and iron... am i now gonna be a FULL TIME housewife??? okay okay... bb, i can do the house work, cook and
all BUT i'm not gonna cook everyday.. and i can't come up with 3 dishes and 1 soup every day.. sorry bb..

Besides getting all the stuff for the new condo, i got something for boboie too..

TADAH!! a cage.. i got it coz i can't keep him in my toilet as it's always wet and i know he'd bark if he can't see me or my mum

He's trying to look pitiful.. it doesn't work.. i've to be cold hearted in order to train him.. if not, he'd 'train' me back

Friday, June 22, 2007

~ Bye bb ~

As the clock continues ticking, i know that it's getting nearer and nearer that my bb has to leave.. leaving me behind while he goes off working for our future, our condo AND my car.. i know that if my bb has a choice, he'd want to stay here with me *sigh*

Last night was the last night for us to cuddle and sleep together.. hugging each other to sleep.. he'd be leaving tonight so my bed would be empty without him :'( i do not know how am i gonna sleep coz for the past couple of months we were inseparable.. it's EXTREMELY upsetting whenever i think of this.. thinking that from tomorrow onwards, i'd be doing things alone without my bb..

Anyway, here i'd like to say thank you for ALL of my readers reply on my previous post.. thanks for your concerns and i do appreciate it.. i know it's not that bad to be separated for a few months compare to some which have to be separated for only-god-knows-how-long.. i tried to focus on the things that i can do OR i have to do while my bb is away BUT bear in mind, no matter what i do or go out with anyone in the daytime, by night time i'd still be alone sleeping on my BIG EMPTY king size bed while hugging his t-shirt.. that's when i'd think of my bb.. i hate being alone.. especially alone without my bb..

I hate looking at the time now.. as i know it's ticking away all the precious time that i am spending with my bb.. i hate to say goodbye to my bb.. i hate to kiss and hug him for the last time at the KL Sentral before seeing my bb off.. how i wish he doesn't have to go.. how i wish i could turn back to the time when he just got off from the ERL.. how i wish i could relive every moments that i've ever spent with my bb *closing my eyes and wishing hard*

Who am i kidding? i know that i could NEVER do that.. if only someone invent a teleport... anyone??!!!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Beware: this is a disturbing post to some people.. don't blame me if you develop teary eye after reading it

Soon it will be 2 months since my bb is back.. but it seems like he just came back yesterday.. the happy times that we spent just passed by so quickly while the times when we spent apart passed by ever so slowly *sigh* now, it is time for my bb to go back to work..

My bb got to know that he'd be leaving between the 20th to 26th this month last week.. i ALWAYS dreaded about this.. i won't want him to go.. one night as we were lying on the bed while hugging, i thought about having to move on with my life without him.. before i knew, tears were rolling down my cheeks.. my bb looked at me, brushed my hair aside and said "don't cry baby.. ".. i hugged him even more tighter and i cried.. this trip will be his 4th trip after we got to know each other.. but still i can't help it not feeling sad that he has to go away for work..

My bb once told me that he's working for our future.. he's working hard so that we could have a comfortable life.. i know that's the reality.. but it's just so hard to make sacrifices.. i know by him going off for work, it'd be a lil closer for me to get my new car, a lil closer for us to save up money for the future and etc..

I know that i have my friends here to keep me company BUT i know too that they can't be there for me all the time.. not on weekdays for sure.. but this time, luckily i have boboie here to keep me company and our new condo and my bb's car to check on.. *thanks bb for buying boboie* he's such a cute and adorable doggie and i promise i'd take good care of him..

Anyway, sorry guys for not putting up any pictures OR for not updating my blog frequently.. i just want to spend as much time as possible with my bb before he goes off for 2 months.. yeah, 2 months = 8 weeks = 56 days.. it will be a long long wait for me.. hopefully.. i mean seriously i do hope and wish time would just fly by and have my bb back in my arms.. this time, at the end of this trip is what i'm looking forward for.. coz by the time my bb is back in mid august, my bb can see some progression on our condo, he can drive his car to pick me up (just like the 1st time he came over to pick me up for our 1st date), take me to 'Out of Africa' (1st place where we had our dinner) AND also it'd be our 1st year anniversary of knowing and meeting each other for the 1st time..

I have things to look forward BUT right now, i can't help feeling sad.. my bb won't be next to me when i wake up in the morning, he won't be there eating with me, won't be there hugging me while watching movie, he won't be here to give me small lil pecks on my cheek and etc.. i'd miss him terribly :'(

Okay, i think i better go now before my tears start rolling down my cheeks.. coz my bb is next to me updating his blog.. i wish i can be strong and not break down every time i think of him going away for work..

To my loving bb,

i want to be strong for you BUT it's just so hard.. i love to see your smile and hear your laughter.. i love to cuddle next to you and smell your shirt.. i love to feel safe whenever you hugged me.. but i won't be able to do that in a couple of days :( i'm sorry for feeling this way EVERYTIME when you have to go.. but here i'd promise you that i'd try.. TRY to be strong and wait for you to come back to me.. i love you bb.. always and forever *muacks*

Wednesday, June 13, 2007


When i was much much younger (not that i'm so OLD now), i used to have pets.. my grandma helped me to take care of them.. i had 2 tortoises, a few of the colorful birds and some gold fish.. but then i do not remember how i lost ALL of them! grrrrrrrrr... maybe i was too young to remember :p~

Anyways, after that i've ALWAYS wanted pets again BUT my mum won't allow.. she thinks that it's a hassle AND she's afraid of animals.. she told me that was because she got chased and biten by a dog before when she was younger.. trauma? i guess.. but it ALL changed when boboie was brought back home.. he was SO adorable and cute that my mum couldn't stop carrying him and playing with him! here's the proof to how cute boboie is :-

Before i got boboie, i got a hammie.. his name is
rusty.. he's a naughty lil furry fella.. yea yea, he escaped his cage 2wice!! he's smart, eh? heheh..

And finally before i even bought rusty, i had a couple of dwarf hamsters.. my cousin bought them for me BUT all of them DIED!! *sigh* i haven't even name them yet.. hope they RIP at my apartment's playground now.. by right, they have been decomposed by now :(

So, that's ALL the pets that i have and had.. what do you think?

ps: fyi, i do not know what caused my dwarf hamsters to die.. and each time when one of them died, i cried *sigh*

Friday, June 08, 2007

cooking again?

Today when my bb was still fast asleep during the day, i was busy in the kitchen preparing lunch for him.. i got the ingredients from jaya jusco nearby my place.. it was a 5 course lunch.. hehe..

1st : Campbell chicken and mushroom soup

2nd : Mashed potato with mushroom gravy
3rd : Shrimp cocktail
4th : Grilled chicken chop
5th : Linguine with lemon sauce and shrimp

It took me more than 2 hours to prepare, cook and washed the pots and pans.. but it was priceless to see my bb's face when he saw what i cooked!! :)

Here's a picture of a HAPPY family :-

ps: for more pictures AND reviews of my dishes, please proceed to my bb's blog :)

Tuesday, June 05, 2007


Check this video out.. my bb uploaded it last night :)

Monday, June 04, 2007

where we've gone?

At last me and my bb are back home!! we had a BLAST last few days.. driving ALL the way to Singapore and then to Johor and back to Kuala Lumpur.. we left KL at about 6.15am on friday (01/06/07) and came home about 9pm ish on sunday (03/06/07)..

We went with a couple of friends.. ariff and jane @ drifters @ skyline owners invited us for this trip.. so, thank you to both of you guys for letting us tag along.. hehe..

Group picture! :) but my bb isn't in it coz he's the photographer.. hehe

First day when we arrived at Singapore, we checked into Hotel Windsor.. then we went to have lunch at the cafe downstairs.. it was raining cats and dogs so we all went back to our rooms an slept.. at about 3pm ish, we
took a cab to Orchard Rd and spent a few hours walking around..

The next day we checked out from the hotel and went to the old police academy to see ariff drifting.. check this out :-

Ariff was burning some tyres.. he was actually going sideways..

That say was my 1st time ever
in a drift car.. ariff warned me saying that i might feel dizzy after that.. OR maybe not.. the car was stable and i was not thrown around.. the bucket seat just wrapped around me nicely.. hearing the tyres screeching and smelling the burnt tyres, was a GREAT experience :)

After the drifting, we drove to Johor.. it was just a couple of hours drive.. benny lead us to our hotel, New York Hotel.. we freshened up and went to Danga Bay for the Japan GT roadshow..

The GT girls @ Aki and Momoyo (in white) from Japan

And here is the FAMOUS Xanavi GT car

ps: for more pictures, please check on my multiply :)