Monday, March 03, 2008

lucky or not?

Last night as me and my bb came back from Kg Gajah for track day, we came across a car accident.. no it was not 'i drove pass by and saw a car pile up' thingy.. as my bb was too tired and sleepy to drive, i took over the wheel after dinner at KFC..

At about 7pm-ish as i was driving on the right lane of NKVE and my bb was sleeping next to me, i saw a gray wira swerving from the left lane ALL the way to the right lane and crashed on the right side divider! it just happened right in front of my eyes! the gray wira made the 2 cars in front of me crashed too! i was going real slow on the right lane as it was raining heavily.. i spotted a white MyVvi tailgating me from behind.. at the moment the white MyVvi swerved from the right lane to left to overtake the cars, that's the time when the gray wira lost control and swerved to the right..

I was braking and yelling 'ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!'.. well of course my yelling was loud enough to wake my bb up from his sleep.. in my head i was like 'nooooooo.... my car.. NOT my car' then i quickly swerved to the left avoiding the collision AND debris.. my heart was beating so fast and my bb told me he thought we were going to die when he opened his eyes and saw what happened..

Phew! the Z escaped without a scratch and i thank god that me and my bb are still alive.. no damages on what-so-ever.. i could just imagine, if i DID involved in that accident i won't have a car to drive around for months! the front bumper, head lights and bonnet will be all gone.. if worse, i won't be here typing this blog entry.. i could else be in the hospital..

So, are we lucky or not?? :)

ps: why the hell there's no other news besides the politics on the newspaper?? a**holes =.=


baggie said...

my gosh nic... ure damn lucky.... if u would have been a little faster or nearer, dang, ur car is gone dee... and u would be having cuts... *faint*

itulaa.. berhati-hati semasa memandu dalam hujan... biarla lambat asalkan selamat... *faint*

:: about me :: said...

omg.. luckily ur fine..

Da Devil said...

wow...thz nt tat lucky...i crashed my car on last friday...sad sad...

well...nw all oso concern abt election...wat to do...those newspaper company need to do business...

ScAvEnGeR said...

Thank god you're fine and all's well.

Great to see you at the track last weekend.

TK had only good things to speak of your Z. Only thing is that it's an auto. Say hi to your bb too.

Visit my blog if time permits ;)


WoayChee said...

you are pretty lucky, after this incident, i believe you will drive even slower. remember your car is FR, easy to "drift" during rainy day..

Par said...

Oh wow, glad everything was ok!

Anonymous said...

omg..careful babe..take care!

:: Nicole.F :: said...

*ahem* "preparing my speech"..

First of all, thank you guys AND girls for your concern about me AND my bb :) i really do appreciate it..

Secondly, thank you for dropping by AND reading my blog (everyone AND 1st timers).. hehe..

Thirdly........ er.... er.... =.=

ok ok.. i WILL drive slow and be cautious on the road :)

ShaSha said...

Glad everything is fine. Next time hav to drive extremely becareful, especially rainy day :D

Anonymous said...

wat's the cars' numbers?

u noe, just in case i knew the drivers..

*tapping forefingers together*