Sunday, July 27, 2008


I got more stuff from Singapore actually.. not only the bracelet :P hehehe..

Pants from Pull & Bear (SGD 40), crocs slipper and Loco Roco (PSP).. i think all of it are cheaper than it's selling here in M'sia.. so, i guess i've an excuse to shop more in Sg next time! ;)

Besides that, i just got a brand new wallet from Braun Buffel, 1Utama yesterday..

Now, i gotta fill up the compartments :P

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

live telecast?

YEAP! i'm reporting live from Singapore right now.. we just arrived here yesterday evening at about 7pm-ish.. currently staying at a hotel along the orchard road..

This is our Executive room :-

Sorry for the blurry pic.. took it with my macBook's webcam.. anyways, here are the benefits that we get :-

- breakfast from 7am til 10.15am

- free flow of cocktails from 5pm til 8pm

- free internet access and local calls

- complimentary 2 pieces of laundry a day
- personalized check in/check out

- complimentary minibar (2 beers, 2 pepsi, 2 mineral water and 1 7-up) refresh everyday
- free flow of coffee and tea at the club lounge

- complimentary shoe shine

Last night we went to cineleisure to watch Batman :) and had Burger King.. as we were walking to catch the movie, we saw something which made my bb go goo goo gaa gaa :-

That was the 1st time my bb saw the GTR in real life! i think it's dark gray in color.. hmmmm.. not too sure.. AND after the movie, we spotted this.. the Audi R8! :-

Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet... *whistle*

So, today we woke up late and missed the breakfast.. my bb took me to California Pizza @ Forum for lunch.. i had the Jambalaya pasta (chicken + shrimp + ham) while my bb had the fried crabmeat.. the food isn't bad i must say.. plus the pasta selection here is a liiiiiiiiiiiiiiittle wider.. see for yourself :-

After lunch, i parted ways with my bb.. he went to his office to pass them some documents while I went shopping.. yea yea.. you people must think that i've bought the whole entire.. er.. ok ok.. i'm not THAT rich.. the quarter of takashimaya or something.. *buzz* you are WRONG.. i've been walking along orchard road for 3 freaking hours and i just got a pair of CROCS slipper =.=

I had my cash and credit card but all i spent was SGD65.50 =.=" you must be like "what the...???!!!" yea.. i got my essentials BUT that's all i bought.. i went to taka, forum, paragon, lucky plaza, tangs, wisma atria and etc.. i guess my bb would be so happy that i didn't swipe the card =.=

Now, i'm back at the hotel room taking a break.. my feet is tired.. luckily i wore my crocs slipper and not my heels.. oh oh, before i forget.. i found J.Lo's shoes selling at Metro, paragon :-

AND also i found the instant bottled up Starbucks frappuccino at 7-11 @ Lucky plaza :-

I also found Bottega Veneta's shop at paragon.. their bags cost like 10 times more than my lil Juicy Couture bag =.= then i too saw some Jacob & Co's watch collection.. altho they are BIG and BULKY BUT it's FREAKING expensive!!


My bb came back to the hotel at about 5pm-ish and we went to Spageddies @ paragon..

We ordered an appetizer (fried soft shell crab + mozzarella cheese + calamari),

Chicken Scallopini (linguine + mushroom + chicken + cherry tomatoes + lemon butter sauce),

And lobster + chicken pasta

After dinner, we went to Takashimaya again :P we walked past Mont Blanc and i told my bb about this bracelet which i wanted to get but it's out of stock.. suddenly, we spotted a beautiful charm bracelet on display.. my bb asked me to go in and have a look.. we bought it instantly after trying it out on my hand :)

I know i know.. it's beauuuuuuuuuuutifuuuuuuuuuuuul right?? i am so lucky to have a hubby which pampers me THIS much-ie *muacks muacks*

Alright.. that's all for now.. gonna drop by Vivo City tomorrow after checking out and then we'd be heading hooooooooooooooome :D

Monday, July 21, 2008

So, do you know where we went last saturday?

I HOPE no one knows where we (me, my bb & boboie) went last weekend.. coz if not, there's no point of me having a blog.. to post about my outings and trips :P might as well just close this down ;)

Anyways, we went for go-karting together with my bb's cousins AND ramsey, russ's brother.. it was not that hot.. so boboie was not sweating much.. quite breezy i must say..

There, our saturday was spent few hours at the Shah Alam track :P

Thursday, July 17, 2008

where were we?

Sorry y'all for the lack of updates.. we went away for a week and there was no internet connection at the place we went.. oh well, there was actually BUT i can't get my macBook to go online.. plus the internet cafe there was freaking expensive! rm10 per hour =.= so forget it..

Anyways, here's a picture of me (my back) with "some" background :P

It's a nice place for a gateway BUT we went there for a PURPOSE.. will blog about it more on my next post.. in the mean time, guess where were we :D hehehehehe... stay tune~~

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

still dating?

Yesterday we finally had our decent date :) you know, the usual... movie, dinner and window shopping.. we went to pavilion in KL.. the valet parking is quite reasonable.. rm15 per day! :)

Anyways, we went to the cinema to buy the movie tickets.. we chose to watch hancock at 9.05pm.. so we had like 2 hours to spare.. for dinner and just walking around.. we had our dinner at TGIF :-

Our appetizer (fried mozzarella cheese)

My dinner (jack daniel's grilled chicken & shrimp)

My bb's dinner (grilled lamb chops)

During dinner, my bb told me about the last job he did in mexico with the mexicans divers.. that he learnt some basic spanish in just merely 3 months =.=" after dinner, we still had like 1 hour to spare before the movie.. so my bb took me to do some shopping.. we went to forever 21, adidas, nike, and parkson but ended up buying nothing.. i didn't go home empty handed :P as most of you all know that sometimes my bb likes to pamper me.. AND to those who thinks i'm materialistic, i guess it's NOT surprising to you that i bought something.. hahahaha...

It was my 2nd time buying things from pavilion.. first time was when i shopped in forever 21.. bought just 2 tops.. i always think that pavilion's shops are just too high end for me.. hence i don't just walk into those shops and try things out.. fyi, i've NEVER EVER walk into a LV shop or a burberry shop or a coach shop or gucci shop or versace shop before.. if not for my bb who took me to tiffany & co when we were scouting my ring, i'd have never step into that store..

Since i need a casual looking bag to put my stuff (wallet, camera, phone, GPS, ipod, car keys, house keys, sunblock, perfume), we walked into Juicy Couture :-

Look at this! aren't they cute??

I had my eyes on the daydreamer.. i only needed to choose which color (pink/brown/black) to buy :-

I like the pink but since it's velour, it's hard to maintain.. my bb agrees to it.. he said the brown is better.. brown goes with any color of my clothes.. so i took the brown daydreamer..

Swiping my supplementary credit card which is given to me by my bb :-

We got home and my bb went straight to reply those nasty comments i got on my blog while i, was busy snapping pics of my new bag with my new camera :P

Ta Dah!

The inside :-

It comes with a small cutesy love shaped vanity mirror too!

This bag would be my everyday bag for a long long time.. i'm not a bag person hence i don't think i'd be buying bags frequently ;)