Sunday, August 03, 2008

are you a reptile lover?

If you are a reptile lover, you must continue reading this.. er.. i mean continue scrolling down this page :P

This is actually quite a delayed post.. but what the heck..

So, there's this reptile exhibition at 1Utama which has been going on since months ago.. maybe since the beginning of the year.. anyways, that day when randall was in kl for a few days we decided to go for the exhibition.. each adult has to pay RM8..

The first snake which we saw was an anaconda.. i meant TWO anacondas!

The albino snakes :-

The python :-

The king cobra :-

A snake with horns :-

Eyelash viper :-

Random shots of some snakes :-

Besides the snakes, there are also some...

Monitor lizards/iguanas :-

Spectacled caiman

Alligator snapping turtle :-

Pig-nosed turtle :-

Snakeneck turtle :-

I actually felt chilly when looking at all those cold-blooded creatures.. coz i imagined them all running loose!! isn't THAT a scary thought????


Russ said...

nice pics baby, i mever knew u were so fascinated with reptiles n other animals...

Par said...

I'm ok as long as their in a tank or cage :P

:: Nicole.F :: said...

i am quite fascinated with the snakes but i don't think i'd have it as a pet.. i mean i can't bring myself to kill a rat to feed the snake.. plus when it grows too big, where should i keep it? to the zoo??