Thursday, August 28, 2008

who is this?

Since i wrote a post of all my friends recently, i'd like to show you the recent pic of my BEST friend.. he's none other than boboie! :)

Let's take a sec to reminisce the old boboie :-

Look at him! isn't he cute and adorable.. he looked like he was smiling, right? but for the past 1 week, he has become depressed :( no matter how me and my mum played with him, he never flash his BIG smile again *sigh* why? see the pictures below and you'd know why..

Saw how sad and depressed he look?? he's BALD now.. no fur.. no no, i didn't shaved all his fur on purpose.. you think i'm crazy to do that?? it's just that he has skin irritation now.. he has rashes around his neck, on his paw, body and on his face.. i took him to the vet twice a week for his medicated shower for a month AND still the rashes haven't heal completely.. so the vet suggested to us to shave all his fur off..

At first before shaving his fur, we thought the rashes were on the body and face only but after shaving everything off, we spotted the redness on his neck :( so every day this is his routine :-

In the morning, i'd feed boboie half orange tablet of the antibiotic, then apply the green color bottle of cream on his rashes, then later in the day apply the small tube of eye cream on his eyes and clean his ears with the blue color bottle of ear drops.. after dinner, i'd feed him another half orange tablet of the antibiotic and then the blue & purple capsule for the rashes..

Now the rashes are getting better but still boboie likes to scratch it.. hence i'd always scold him and slap his mouth *sigh* since i brought him home with me, he always would want to sit on my lap when i'm on my comp and he wants to sit/sleep next to me on the sofa while i watch tv.. i can feel that he's depressed so i always rub his tummy, scratch his back, rub his neck and etc so show him that i still love him even he has got no fur..

Boboie is actually a very good dog.. he doesn't bark.. only when someone press the doorbell.. he'd keep quiet in the bag whenever i smuggled him in and out passing the security guards and my neighbours..

My neighbours know that i have a dog but they just close one eye as my boboie seldom make any noise.. plus they like boboie too even tho one of them is muslim.. hmmmm.. boboie is very likeable, don't you ALL agree?? :)


Calv said...

kesian the dog....poor thing la...u soooo bad

Wong C. MartiN said...

hi there,
I think u shouldn't slap his mouth when he scratches himself :/
If he scratch with his paw, u should slap his paw, not mouth.
Good luck with ur buddy :)

Anonymous said...

When shaved, he looks like a different breed altogether. =P Can't quite place what name already.

I have to say, he's superrrrrrrrrrr adorable with the fur. Just wanna kissy wissy him. >.<


:: Nicole.F :: said...

wong c. martin: i slap his mouth when he lick all over the floor or when he lick his paw or body.. i slap his paw when he scratches

nat: yea, the other day when i took him out ppl thought boboie is a bulldog! hahahaha...

Anonymous said...

He looks like a pug... wuakkaka but he is a very quiet dog... so the kuai.. not like my girl... if take her out means... want to sibuk here n there... ZzzZz...

And yes, when my girl licks her paw I slap her paw n her mouth too... else she wont learn.... even now she also still curi-curi do that when I'm not looking... sheesh...

:: Nicole.F :: said...

evie: boboie is quite a laid back dog.. hahaha! :P

now as i'm typing this, he's snoring on my lap already =.= he very the heavy.. my legs numb already