Wednesday, August 13, 2008

or are you a butterfly lover?

Note: this post is filled with tons of pictures taken with my new Sony Cybershot W170 and it's a back dated post :P

Recently (oh-so-not-recent-now) me and my bb went back to visit his family/my in-laws in penang.. we were there just for 2 nights..

My bb took me to the butterfly farm in penang.. at first i was kinda reluctant to go coz it was hot AND i was afraid the butterflies would land on me! but i gave it a try :)

Some pictures i took of the farm :-

Am amazed of how these ugly lil creatures :-

Will turn into beautiful butterflies in just 28 days :-

And when they died, some of them would be pinned up like this :-

Also getting pinned up are these :-

Besides butterflies, there are some other creatures living in the farm :-

Mandarin ducks



Amazing huh? at first when i looked into the tank, it was pitch black.. until i pressed on the ultraviolet light switch and VIOLA!


And some other insects & reptiles

They also displayed some antiques.. since no cameras are allowed, i had to snap and run! :P

So, how's my photography skill?? hahahaha >.<


Par said...

Butterfly looks nice and all...from far away, if close to me, I am scare of them.

Anonymous said...

the butterflies didnt die. They kill it by using chloroform. My grand dad and uncles were collectors during the late 60s.

Purple~MushRooM said...

The lizards are super gross!

:: Nicole.F :: said...

ms. _________ 2 be: tell me about it.. i was shoo-ing away the butterflies WHILE trying to shoot pics of them! hahahaha...

corsaro: at first i thought so.. that they killed the butterflies but my bb told me they only pin the butterflies up after they died =.=

purple~mushroom: yea.. i totally agree! oh yea, my lizard trap works! a lizard was trap in the trap and starved to death.. muahahaha.. that teaches it a lesson to NOT mess with me! *for some reason i feel that lizards like to fall on to me* =.=