Sunday, August 31, 2008

a will?

Writing a will is quite a taboo subject among us, asians.. especially for chinese.. eg: like buying insurance.. coz these 2 things are associated with death.. for me, i think it's quite important to have a will.. as you'd want to protect your own family and descendants.. you'd not want the government to take half of ALL your hard earn assets after you died, right?

Rockwills International Group can NOT only help you write a will, they also provide other services such as will custody, trust services, estate planning and financial planning.. if you are interested and want to know more, you can call angie @ 012-3203250.. the last time i heard from her, she's working with this company..

Anyways, for me i don't see the necessity for a will.. coz i do not have any assets.. my main asset which i have is my hubby.. so instead of a will, i'd leave him a letter.. sometimes life is just too short and unpredictable.. so i'd want him to know what's deep down in my heart if anything (eg: sickness, accident) happens to me before it's too late..

My letter would be in exact words like this :-

To my beloved hubby,

Do you still remember the first time we met? the first time we kissed? the first time you met my family? the day of our registration? the vow that we read? our first trip out of KL? the first time we slept in our own house? i remember all that.. too well.. in fact..

It is a blessing to be married to someone like you.. i'm blessed that i found my soulmate.. someone whom i could talk to, cry with, share happy tears with, grow old with, laugh with, start a family with and etc.. i know that throughout our marriage, there has been ups and downs.. i can safely say that NO marriage has no arguments/disagreements.. in fact by having those, it will only make the marriage stronger..

I just want to tell you that i'm one lucky girl.. i came into this relationship without anything at all and you gave me EVERYTHING.. you gave me hope when i'm down with it.. i lost hope in finding the right man.. you were there to show me that you're different from the rest of the guys.. that i could rely on you.. that you'd take care of me forever til we grow old and die..

I love you for so many reasons.. i love the small lil things that you did.. i love you for marrying me.. i love your smile, your scent, your soft hair, your small thin lips, your sparking eyes when you smile, your voice, your strong muscular arms which never fails to make me feel secure, your laughter, your hugs & kisses, your cooking, your cute lil look when you sleep, your pampering towards me and etc.. by just thinking about it, puts a smile on my face now..

I want to thank you for being such a loving, sweet, responsible, loyal and forgiving husband.. for trying to give me everything which i ever wanted.. for trying to give me the best too.. for working so hard to support this family and provide me the comfort in life.. also for trusting me and believing in me.. thank you for the dream car, a nice comfy home, shopping trips, holiday trips and also giving me boboie so that he can keep me company while you are away working for our future..

I know that i'm imperfect.. i know that i've caused heartaches and i've been such an idiot sometimes.. i still remember when i asked you to promise me not to die before me.. i know that it's a selfish request plus you can't predict the future.. it's just that i'm too scared to live alone in this world without you.. i just can't imagine myself doing that..

Last but not least, i love you russell westwood.. i love you so much.. so, can you promise me one thing? can we be husband and wife again in our next life? coz i know that no one will be perfect for me except you..

your beloved wife

ps: i love you

There, i feel so much better now after writing that letter declaration of my love for my hubby.. i don't want him only to know how much i love and appreciate him, instead i want everyone/the world to know how much i love him and means to me :)

ps: don't worry, i'm doing okay here


Anonymous said...

Very heartfelt, anyhow I strongly believe in will writing and I use rockwills. I had my will done in my early 20's. It's never too early.

Purple~MushRooM said...

Me and my hubby had ours done too... also with Rockwills. :)

:: about me :: said...

nicole, its so touching...

The Mrs Blogs said...

I don't have a will yet either.

But yup agreed, am sure your hubby must be touched by your sweet gesture :)