Thursday, August 21, 2008

what is this?

Why is this happening at one of the most upscale shopping mall??

Why people are allow to just sit ON the stairs?? why people are allow to stand in a BIG group to chit chat and to camwhore?? why? why? why? look closer of the pics.. see the way those people were sitting! legs stretching out like they were at their home =.= plus they were doing nothing except chatting with family members or friends.. that is a VERY ugly / FUGLY @ fucking ugly sight..

Fyi, i took the pics above while i was shopping in Pavilion with my grandma and aunty.. to me, pavilion is like Takashimaya in Singapore.. it's a home to some of the world's most luxurious fashion brands.. it's supposed to be high class.. it's a shopping mall where many foreigners come to shop.. this is NOT a market place or a park!

Come on, you don't get to see this scenario at Starhill or at 1Utama.. those people are sitting on THE STAIRS IN THE MALL!! *eyes rolling*

Anyways, i finally found the heels which i've been searching for :) plus it was on sale! i'm soooooooooooooo happy!! :D

Can't wait to wear it >.<


Anonymous said...

Nice heels...when is the sales over? I'm going there this saturday. :>

:: Nicole.F :: said...

thanks :)

er... for juicy and braun buffel, their sales will end this end of aug.. so i think all sales end in aug :P i think.. hmmmm...

ps: hope u can find parking coz even i parked at the jockey, it was full.. coz of school holidays =.=

Anonymous said...

Somehow those flight of stairs in Pavilion gives me the auditorium-esque feel. I'm sure it does the same for the people sitting there. =P

But yeah, it certainly does look fugly especially when people just crowd there for no apparent reason. However if there's some stage show going on, then it's forgivable. =P


:: Nicole.F :: said...

nat: it's TOTALLY not forgivable.. coz there was no stage show going on.. every time i was there, sure i'd see this scenario.. yesterday clinique was having their road show at the center court.. so i'm pretty sure there's a no show..

ps: did u see the uncle almost lying down on the stairs with his legs stretched out on the 2nd pic?? he thinks he's at some beach or park or something *sigh*

Anonymous said...

Hi, just want to drop some comments on the 'fugly picture of ppl hanging out on the steps' thing. Firstly, I have to say, its the BEST thing to happen, architecturally. As spaces are created for human occupation, and social interaction, I think those steps definitely fulfilled its spatial function.
One thing that needs to be understood is that, a space is not just to serve as a place for ppl to transit between functions, but also as a social meeting space. This is when you transform a space in PLACE, the idea of Genius Locii.

Just take the example of the Spanish steps in Italy. It is ALWAYS filled with people sun tanning, or ppl just hanging out to just chat, enjoy the day or meet up with friends. People of all sorts. There are shops there too, but these ppl are not there for the shops. :) They are just there to hang out at the steps.

So you see, its a very positive thing. Finally, there are shopping malls in Malaysia that is not just for materialistic purposes. :D

The world does not belong to the rich only, everyone has the same right and deserve the same respect in every aspect of living.

To me as an architect, the images that you have there are evident that architecture IS for humanity.

I hope all of you understand that little simple logic. Don't get me wrong, I am not being sarcastic or trying to demean anyone at all, just thought that we need to be aware of the metaphysical qualities a space can evoke through subtle architectural gestures. Not everything should be so physical. :)

:: about me :: said...

nic, i like ur heels.

:: Nicole.F :: said...

sophie: so are u one of the architects who designed this building? hmmmm.. just wanna know..

deedee: i've been searching for it high and low.. from malaysia all the way to SG :P

Anonymous said...

haha.. no, I am not the architect for that building. I don't work in Malaysia!

But I have been there and I quite enjoy the space, very unlike other shopping places in Malaysia, this one actually allows for social interaction and not eschewing your mind to just spend money! :S

Anyway, I hope you were not offended with my very loooong comment!

Russ said...

Hello Sophie, I totally agree with u. I guess its alright for people to sit, group, mingle, interact together in public places, etc, but some malls in Malaysia have sadly become the meeting points of bored and unemployed youth. We use the term 'Lepak' a lot, which supposedly originated from the phrase 'lay in the park' and often referring to it as the Lepak culture. Im not so sure about the Pavilion staircase as I wasnt there, but some places like outside Cineleisure between the Curve, you see a lot of youth (like the torn jeans sort) just sit on the stairs and stare, ogle, maybe even purve at the ladies and men pass by. You can hear them whispering and snickering amongst themselves, and I actually find that quite annoying. But as with many things in life, there are some things that are just part of human nature which just have to accept.

Anonymous said...

That's true Russ. There ARE some rather seedy malls in Malaysia, but that's when a good spatial design helps. :) I suppose in the case of the Pavillion steps, because it's designed to be so open, voluminous and set in the atrium, the chances of any perverse acts could be reduced but of course, not avoided.

Unfortunately, there's the upside and downside of things in life and human nature anywhere and everywhere in the world. I guess it's all part and parcel of the evolving human culture! :)

I don't think we can't contain and control human nature in any way at all. We can only provide the opportunities and possibilities for them to explore and discover. Everything in their own time.... :)

BTW, I am a Malaysian too.. :) And that's a great explanation of how we came about the word lepak... never really thought of that!


Purple~MushRooM said...

I even see mah-can ah bengs (if you know what i mean) hanging outside toilets in Mid Valley and doing some hip hop dancing there. Mah-kai! They think they are very cool... that, is what I called, FUGLY!! They just look like sampah!

:: Nicole.F :: said...

sophie: honestly and truthfully speaking.. when i first saw that scenario in pavilion, the 1st thing which came into my mind was "oh no.. how can ppl lepak @ loitering on the stairs IN a mall? perhaps my 1st perception is wrong.. it's good to know or to see things from a different view.. eg: architecture IS for humanity :)

BUT do most malaysians see it that way? all they see is "oh, another place for us to "lepak".. don't have to spend a dime, the place is air-conditioned and treat the place as like their house..

purple~mushroom: outside the toilets??!! bluekkk >.<

Anonymous said...

Hi Nicole! Thanks for bringing up such an interesting topic in your blog! And yes, I do agree with you, sometimes looking at things the 2nd time around always gives u a nice surprise!

It does take time for people to appreciate things as such. But those people as you mentioned it, they do subconsciously appreciate it without really thinking deeper into what they are doing and how well the space/architecture moulds them into it. It takes time for people to come to this realization. Wouldn't it be such a beautiful place if people appreciate architecture, and vice versa!

Actually if you think about it, if they DO treat it like their house, wouldn't it be great? A social space where people feel so comfy in, and usually i assume most people do treat their home with reverence!

The best building/space should always be FREE for everyone! Oh well, that's just my personal view anyway.

I am very happy to be able to have this discussion with you all. It's always good to hold a conversation about architecture with the general public!