Sunday, May 30, 2010


It has been almost 4 years i've disconnected from the society.. and lately, i've found out that things have changed.. it seems like everything now is so.. temporary.. jobs, friends, relationships, marriages..

Why can't people take things seriously anymore? is it coz of temptations? influences? immaturity? irresponsible?

Recently my friend just told me that his gf dumped him.. it was a 4 years relationship.. it was his fault for not showing her enough how much she means to him.. she asked him to marry her but he hesitated, thinking that he's not ready and she's not the one.. and when she finally had enough, told him she found someone new and she doesn't love him anymore, he finally realized how much he loves her.. but everything is just too late.. he took her love for granted.. this is one of the reasons why some relationships don't last long..

Another friend of mine got dumped by his gf of 3 years coz she feels that my friend didn't do his best for the relationship.. her expectations were higher than reality.. she expects him to do this and that.. she's more successful in her career compare to my friend.. my friend was struggling financially.. so i guess she had enough of going through hard times with him.. but it's not like my friend wasn't trying.. he was trying to make his own business work while working part time and also looking for better jobs.. he feels that he had done the best he could.. he thinks that he might think he did his best but maybe he could have do it even better..

Now he just got a job and it's paying quite well.. the only downside to it, is.. he's on a contract basis.. 3 months contract + 3 months contract + 3 months probation.. i was like omg.. means that he can get fired anytime in 9 months period.. companies are getting smart nowadays.. they doesn't want to confirm a staff so soon as if they fired them, they have to pay compensation.. hence now, most companies will have either 6 months or 9 months probation and some they don't even confirm a staff anymore..

It seems like nothing is taken seriously anymore.. even marriages as well.. what happen to the marriage vow?

"for better or for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish; until death do us part"

More and more people are divorcing nowadays.. divorces today is becoming alarming, more so when the reasons given are flimsy, which could have been settled amicably.. it seems like people could just state irreconcilable differences as reason for divorce and the judge will grant it..

Why can't people try their best to work things out? why would they give up so easily? why people would be so irresponsible to the marriage vows? is it a joke to them?

No one said earning a living is easy.. no one said marriages are easy as well.. it takes time, effort, patience to make things work.. people tend to take the easy way out now and taking things for granted.. if one thing doesn't work, give up and jump to another job/relationship..

It's just so scary outside now.. everything is so short term.. people are just getting less responsible towards their actions, promises, vows, jobs and etc..

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

brain washing?

Many of us got brain washed or influenced by other people without us realizing it.. some are good influences while most of it are bad ones..

Remember how you got influenced/pressured by your peers on your first puff of cigarette? or the 1st time you had sex? or the first time you smoked weed? or the first time you skipped school? or the first time you drank alcohol?

Often, it all started by 'friends'.. they will tell you how good it is to do this and that.. how they will boost your ego and bring you to cloud nine, telling and showing you ALL the good things about the things which they are doing.. that you will be way better off if you'd be like them.. tempting you..

They may not directly tell you to your face but the things they do or tell you, will indirectly makes you think of all the fun and excitement which you could have if you follow their footsteps

If you do not have a strong will power, you'd lose your own self.. you'd forget who you really are, the plans which you had made, ditching your family, loved ones and real friends just to get into the 'friends' world.. you'd do ALL the things which your 'friends' do just to get accepted into their world and you'd think that what they are doing is feels right to you..

I was brain washed by friends too while i was in school.. i was being put in a position where, if i don't have a bf meant i don't belong to the popular group.. hence, i tried to get acceptance.. i argued with my mum, asking her why can't i have a bf.. why can't i go out with friends like everyone else.. why i can't even have guy friends.. constantly, i was giving my mum headaches and heartaches.. i was secretly wishing that i could ditch my mum so that i can do all the things which my friends are doing BUT i can't.. as she's my mum..

But i gotta thank her now.. for not giving up on me.. standing by me all the time and leading me back to the right path.. which is study comes first..

In college, most of my friends smoke.. even my mum, but not me.. why? coz i have a strong will power and i know what's good for me and what i should stay away from..

Conclusion, it's not a bad thing to have a big circle of friends.. it's not a bad thing too that you love to socialize.. just make sure DO NOT forget who you really are.. set your feet firm onto the ground.. make your own judgment, whether your friends are swaying you off from your right path or are they helping you to walk on the right path.. and 'open' your eyes when you make new friends.. some people are supposed to be hi and bye friends only while some will be there throughout your life, helping you through ups and downs.. and not taking you for granted

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Food review

Date : 03rd dec (food tasting @ kissaten, IOI boulevard)

Part of the menu

Salted lemon 7up - rm5.90

Salted grilled wings - rm9.90

Salmon cream - rm22.90

Sushi moriawase - rm18.90

Teriyaki pork burger - rm10.90

Bitter gourd salad - rm7.90

Teriyaki wagyu burger - rm18.90

Mushroom onsen tamago spaghetti - rm14.90

Warm sakae

Char siew (bbq pork) pizza - rm23.90

Tsukune terriyaki with eggyolk sauce - rm8.90

Deep fried glutinous rice

Salmon sushi - rm14.90

Katsudon - rm15.90

Salmon steak - rm17.90

Teppan mushroom burger steak - rm18.90

Rich choco pudding - rm6.90

Pumpkin cream with haagen dasz vanilla ice-cream - rm12.90

And this is my fav dessert.. the creamy smooth cheesy cheese cake - rm6.90

Enough of the food, now some pictures of us! :P

D-G-57 & 58, Block D, Jalan Kenari 5, 
Bandar Puchong Jaya, 
47170 Puchong, Selangor 
Tel : +603-8070 6307

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

personal shopper?

How many of you guys/girls really do enjoy your job? i've never enjoyed my job.. mostly coz it's not what i wanted.. i love to meet new people and attending events, hence i'm on a look out for any job openings from an event company BUT at the meantime, i'd like to try my hands to be a personal shopper..

Yes, i love to shop and i'm providing you all my service.. i'll attend warehouse sales on your behalf and get the things that you want since most of you girls/guys are busy working your ass off.. you just have to pay me a small fee for my service :)

And since i travel quite often to singapore, i could get stuff from there for you too! that maybe you have to pay me 5%-10% commission.. 

Anyone interested to 'hire' me? don't worry, it won't cost you an arm or a leg.. haha..

For starters, i just received a sms telling me about DIOR's clearance sale.. so girls, you want anything? ;)

Thursday, May 06, 2010

new changes?

As what i've written on my previous post, i am starting a whole new lifestyle..

First, i've stop eating fast food.. my last mcD meal was 2 months ago.. it's easy for me to say no to cakes, coke, ice-cream, chocolates, donuts as they aren't really my fav.. but to say no to mcD's fries, i really have to have a strong will power.. sigh~

Secondly, i've been working out a month ago.. not at the gym but at home.. always looking forward to 5.30pm on astro 733 every weekdays.. total body sculpt with gilad, 30mins non-stop.. every day it's a different workout.. lower back, thighs, abs, triceps, biceps and etc.. i feel good after the workout.. sweating it all out.. hehe.. although the workout is just 30mins, but i can already see some minor changes on my body.. smaller thighs, more define waist, no love handles.. hehe

Third, whenever i go out for dinner, i'll try to order fish or chicken.. grilled, not deep fried.. well, wouldn't want to waste all the workout i've been doing and putting all the calories back which i've burnt ;) as for drinks, i opt for 100plus.. if i'm not mistaken, the calories are much lower than coke, sprite, 7-up and etc.. oh, i don't do 'light' coz of the artificial sugar.. yes, it's 0 calories but i wouldn't want to get cancer..

Fourth, i'm adding 'leisure walking' to my everyday routine.. i'm gonna start to walk with pei pei, my neighbour after our dinner.. as it helps to burn some calories.. it's not a good idea to just eat, sit, watch tv and sleep.. will put on weight.. plus we both can gossip or chit chat while we're walking

Fifth, i've came up with an idea for a business.. just have to do more research and learn how to operate it.. ok, give you a hint.. it's an online business.. yes, i know everybody is doing it coz it keeps the overheads low and it's easy to maintain BUT i'm not too sure if it'll work out.. since i don't really have many readers or fans who would help out and spread the word, so i guess i have to do more on the marketing myself..

Lastly, i can't wait to get my car back.. so i can see my boboie, do some grocery shopping, cook healthy food, have dinners with friends and try to re-connect with them once again

ps: so far, i've lost almost 3kg and my clothes (especially jeans) fit better now!

Monday, May 03, 2010

it's time?

I think this is the time for me to change my lifestyle.

When i got married, i was so eager to become a housewife.. in the past 4 years, i was so wrapped up in my own little world.. i don't have to worry about anything and i thought having a wonderful loving husband is all i ever needed.. i've stop living for myself.. i don't know myself anymore.. i completely shut myself off from the world and society..

Now i think it's enough.. yes, i love my lifestyle.. sleeping late, waking up late, online and watch tv the whole day, shop once awhile, go traveling with my bb and etc.. something happened lately and it makes me wonder 'is that all to life?'.. i certainly do not want to waste my life doing nothing and just hanging around..

First of all, i want to start living my own life.. i don't want to be a couch potato anymore.. i'd get my arse up and start working out.. go for a swim or just playing basketball with my bb.. try to eat healthy and count the calories!

Since i really hate working, i'll try to come up with my own business.. i simply hate to wake up in the morning, get stuck in the jam, work like a dog, stuck in the jam again going back home and feeling tired..

Btw, i should be getting out there more often.. to connect back with the society.. i'm really glad that i've actually met a few nice people (eugene, cas, mimi) on the internet.. so i guess, not all are bad apples.. it gives me hope that there are actually people out there who are genuine :)

And lastly, i want to earn my own money so that i can shop all i want! and to be able to take care of myself if anything happens to my bb..

ps: to those who wish to have my old lifestyle, you can try it but the grass is always greener on the other side.. it's not as nice as what you think ;)