Monday, May 03, 2010

it's time?

I think this is the time for me to change my lifestyle.

When i got married, i was so eager to become a housewife.. in the past 4 years, i was so wrapped up in my own little world.. i don't have to worry about anything and i thought having a wonderful loving husband is all i ever needed.. i've stop living for myself.. i don't know myself anymore.. i completely shut myself off from the world and society..

Now i think it's enough.. yes, i love my lifestyle.. sleeping late, waking up late, online and watch tv the whole day, shop once awhile, go traveling with my bb and etc.. something happened lately and it makes me wonder 'is that all to life?'.. i certainly do not want to waste my life doing nothing and just hanging around..

First of all, i want to start living my own life.. i don't want to be a couch potato anymore.. i'd get my arse up and start working out.. go for a swim or just playing basketball with my bb.. try to eat healthy and count the calories!

Since i really hate working, i'll try to come up with my own business.. i simply hate to wake up in the morning, get stuck in the jam, work like a dog, stuck in the jam again going back home and feeling tired..

Btw, i should be getting out there more often.. to connect back with the society.. i'm really glad that i've actually met a few nice people (eugene, cas, mimi) on the internet.. so i guess, not all are bad apples.. it gives me hope that there are actually people out there who are genuine :)

And lastly, i want to earn my own money so that i can shop all i want! and to be able to take care of myself if anything happens to my bb..

ps: to those who wish to have my old lifestyle, you can try it but the grass is always greener on the other side.. it's not as nice as what you think ;)


Nat said...

haha that's a really coowl idea Nic!

Happy for you na, that you're always finding new activities to enrich your life. ;-) Gambateh!

Psst... just give some discounts on your products yea. =P A 'frequent blog visitor' special rate. ;-)

:: Nicole.F :: said...

nat: haha.. sure but i have to meet u in person first :p if not, how would i know if u're real or not :p

Mimi said...

Yup, being a housewife is not all rosy.. :P

Whatever business you decide on, I wish you the best!

Cas said...

Nicely said Nic. It's great if you can start own your side/online business. I've always thought of giving up my job but I like having my own cash, hehe. Wish you nothing but the very best :)) And just like you, I'm also trying to connect back with society :) Glad to have met you too!

Elyssa said...

Good thinking gal. Hope it will work out for you. I would like to be like you but with an addition of my own business. So now I really envy on the road you want to go to...good for you! :)

sugarpurple said...

not sure what are the recent events that made you change your mind. hope all is good on your end. enjoy the journey on your new goals.

Eugene said...

Very good posting :) Am glad you are finally deciding to do something in your life as I've been telling you!

One should never let his/her life revolve around someone else. You are too young to be living that kind of retirement lifestyle and cannot afford to be disconnected from society.

It's time to plug yourself back into society and find a greater meaning to life. I hope you will be taking concrete actions on all your talk! We will be supporting you :)

Dream Designers said...

Way to go gal!!! :)

mun said...

All the best on opening your own business!

I totally understand what you mean by:

"i simply hate to wake up in the morning, get stuck in the jam, work like a dog, stuck in the jam again going back home and feeling tired.."

Many people feel the same way too.

:: Nicole.F :: said...

thank you all for the support :) i'm so touched.. gambateh! :D