Wednesday, October 06, 2010


fyi: psssst, this is a non-halal post.. don't say i didn't warn ya :P

Yes! brotzeit is in town now! it's located at midvalley.. same row as chilis, maybank and starbucks..

Last night i went there to have my dinner with a couple of friends.. although it was packed, we managed to get a table.. well, gotta thank my 'waiter' to put a reserve tag for us ;)

My 1st paulaner @ brotzeit

Aaaah~ the sausages menu

Anyway,  THIS is my 'waiter' for last night :-

Okay, okay.. he's NOT just a 'waiter'.. he's the Director of brotzeit.. see, who says a Director of a company won't mingle around with the crowd? :P

So, i asked my 'waiter' what's HIS recommendation.. he told me his personal fav, hence i took his advice and.. here are our dishes!

The pork knuckle! *yum yum* worth the 20mins wait

The mix sausages platter *double yum yum*

And the spicy pork pizza! *droolz*

According to my friend, he said the food here taste much more nicer than the one in singapore.. hmmmm, i wonder if it's true ;)

Like i said i'm NOT a beer person BUT i think i've develop a soft spot for it.. oh no, i hope i won't get the beer belly >.<

I had 3 glasses of paulaner last night BUT definitely i can't beat this guy!! o.O

The 3 litre beer =.="

I'd definitely be back to brotzeit again.. would love to try on other dishes as well ;) AND where is my 'waiter'???? *snap snap finger*


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