Saturday, October 02, 2010

never ending events?

Before i start blogging about my 1st event attending as a member of 'Malaysia's Hottest Bloggers', i'd like you to see if you could spot me and mimi in the photo below :-

We are on Harper's Bazaar october issue! haha.. anyways, it's from the Guess event that we attended :)

Okay, back to the topic.. yes, i've been attending events lately.. with mimi and sometimes alone :'( BUT then i made new friends! ;)

I just DO NOT know why i've been selected by Mr. Tim Chew (former FHM marketing and freelance writer) to join the MHB's group.. i know, most of you all would be like... what the....? yes yes, i know i'm not THAT hot compare to so many bloggers out there.. like it or not, you gotta accept the fact :P

Yesterday after my work, i had to attend an event at BonTon, lot10.. free flow of Jaz Fresh beer all night for ladies.. i was quite early to arrive..

After registration, the photographer asked me to pose with the beer banner.. he said 'okay, now give me 4 poses'.. i was like... what the...? i'm not used to pose in front of the camera.. the photographer ended up showing me HOW TO POSE! LOL! i guess practice makes perfect ;)

Personally i'm not really a fan of beer.. as i'm afraid of the beer belly AND beer is bitter! anyhow, when i took a sip of Jaz Fresh, it's not bitter at all! it's smooth and it gives you the.. well, icy cold fresh feeling..

Look at the cute lil' canister

Apparently what makes this beer special is that, it has live yeast in it! yeap, live... and oh, this beer local.. you can't get this beer anywhere in 7-11 or supermarket.. only selected places like BonTon, Lot10 and Moe the cafe, sunway giza.. it's coz, as it contains live yeast it has to be consume within 7 days.. and if there are leftovers, they will throw the beer away! seriously...

Before i end this post, here's a group picture from last night (courtesy of tim) :-

ps: i too attended the sergio rossi A/W 2010 collection with mimi.. read it all about it here


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