Friday, October 29, 2010

~ thank you ~

All this while, i thought my life is a bed of roses.. but that's what i thought.. it wasn't.. i've been through ups and downs.. it does help me to grow up..

Anyway, i've been at the lowest point in my life a couple of months back.. i was at rock bottom.. BUT thanks to my supportive friends, they brought me up back to my feet once again..

Although some of them might NOT be here for me, but they will call me every now and then to check on me.. some would email me as well.. AND one particular friend of mine would take me out whenever he's free..

I do appreciate what he's doing for me.. took me out for lunch, dinner, play pool, movie, shopping and etc.. it really took my mind off on some certain things.. he never fails to put a smile to my face and makes me laugh.. plus he gives me very good advice, made me see things in a different perspective and was there when i needed a shoulder to cry on..

He made me realize that things aren't that bad.. eventually one day, someone out there will appreciate me and not take me for granted.. someone who will be contented with me, not find fault with me and accept who i truly am..

I am truly blessed for having friends like them.. thank you so much.. you know who you are ;)


Calv said...

How u doin? *wink*

Unknown said...

I am rather certain whoever that male friend of yours has ulterior motive.

Unknown said...

This is good when some one helps us and we grow.This make things more better cause some one points out the mistake and we than take it into consideration.

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baggie said...

Juan, sometimes to have a good male friend doesnt mean that guy has motives. I have very close male friends where we hang out all the time, gives each other great big hugs and motivations and yet im happily married to a great husband. So if a girl treats me really sincerely good she has motives as well? ;)

Nicole, i am glad ure fine now. i hope ure having loadsa fun and remain positive at all times. keep enjoying life as life is short. ;)