Wednesday, October 27, 2010

fashion meets music?

I was lucky to be invited to the Belvedere DKNY Fashion Meet Music Party on the 22nd Oct.. we missed the fashion show... SO we went for the booze instead, the after party! :D

The models

The stage

The crowded bar with freeflow of vodka

Joey G was in the house!

The free flow of belvedere vodka

And now, the pictures all of you guys waiting for... the pretty chicks!

Felt a pinch and when i looked around, there he was! darkchild @ leonard

After that we all adjourned to phuture, zouk

Had a great fun night eventhough i was sick and drinking coke, sprite and water throughout the night.. dancing with andy kho was awesome! haha..

ps: next event: Smirnoff Vodka Night @ Sanctuary, food tasting @ skewer's and tim's b'day @ ecoba!