Monday, October 11, 2010


Sorry for the lack of updates.. well it's coz i've been busy working AND going out :P

Anyway, i was invited to the 7aste on the 8th oct at ecoba by tim chew

So, being the MHB i gotta whipped out my camera and start clicking away!

It was quite packed when i arrived

The DJ console

The performances

The casino game which i couldn't win! :(

So i decided to drown myself with a pint of beer~ hahaha.. just kidding

Overall, the event was okay.. maybe coz i didn't have a bunch of friends with me.. so i didn't really enjoy myself.. the carlsberg and champagne were freeflow all throughout the night ;)

Bet you wish you were there, right? ;)

Here's a picture of me and the lovely sweet erica :-