Saturday, October 16, 2010


Food review

I went for my 1st food tasting as MHB at Muse restaurant & bar, jaya 1 and i'm honored to meet the owner/chef, jo vin lee :D

I hardly frequent jaya 1.. the only place which i went were old town and duck king BUT i do know that there's a few italian restaurants around..

Anyway, this is how Muse look like :-

The menu

We (tim chew, andy koh, erica ting and me) were served a 5 course meal :)

First up was the pizzas!

Salmon pizza

Review : it's a tad salty but other than that, it's YUMMY!!

Terriyaki pizza

Review : something new for your taste buds ;)

Then came the ravioli (a type of filled pasta composed of a filling sealed between two layers of thin pasta dough).. according to erica, it looks like our chinese dumpling.. haha..

Review : the cream sauce is absolutely *drool* niceeeeeeeeeee and creamy

The dishes just came one after another.. the soft shell crab pasta

Review : mind you, it's not the usual marinara sauce :P and it's a lil' spicy for me

And we all got fooled when jo vin said that we gonna have 'the ultimate' burger.. tim thought it would be SUPER huge BUT, it's just a tiny one :D

Review : the size is JUST right.. for us ladies especially :) you can find this dish under 'light snacks'.. AND they make their own patties!!

I thought we were done BUT since jo vin knows that i love pasta, especially the aglio olio.. he asked his chef to make one for me.. awwwww, ain't that sweet.. apparently it's their best seller for lunch..

Review : the lunch portion is just right.. the angel hair was al dente.. BUT, i forgot to ask them not to sprinkle some cheese :P coz i'm not a really big fan of parmesan cheese

After filling our tummy up with food, the camwhoring session started :-

Erica with the menu

The celebrity photographer, andy kho

Tim and jo vin lee, the owner of muse

Tim and erica

Me with my cosmopolitan

Overall we had a great time :) i'd like to thank jo vin for having us over at his restaurant :D