Monday, June 04, 2007

where we've gone?

At last me and my bb are back home!! we had a BLAST last few days.. driving ALL the way to Singapore and then to Johor and back to Kuala Lumpur.. we left KL at about 6.15am on friday (01/06/07) and came home about 9pm ish on sunday (03/06/07)..

We went with a couple of friends.. ariff and jane @ drifters @ skyline owners invited us for this trip.. so, thank you to both of you guys for letting us tag along.. hehe..

Group picture! :) but my bb isn't in it coz he's the photographer.. hehe

First day when we arrived at Singapore, we checked into Hotel Windsor.. then we went to have lunch at the cafe downstairs.. it was raining cats and dogs so we all went back to our rooms an slept.. at about 3pm ish, we
took a cab to Orchard Rd and spent a few hours walking around..

The next day we checked out from the hotel and went to the old police academy to see ariff drifting.. check this out :-

Ariff was burning some tyres.. he was actually going sideways..

That say was my 1st time ever
in a drift car.. ariff warned me saying that i might feel dizzy after that.. OR maybe not.. the car was stable and i was not thrown around.. the bucket seat just wrapped around me nicely.. hearing the tyres screeching and smelling the burnt tyres, was a GREAT experience :)

After the drifting, we drove to Johor.. it was just a couple of hours drive.. benny lead us to our hotel, New York Hotel.. we freshened up and went to Danga Bay for the Japan GT roadshow..

The GT girls @ Aki and Momoyo (in white) from Japan

And here is the FAMOUS Xanavi GT car

ps: for more pictures, please check on my multiply :)


Little Miss Curious said...

Lucky girl! Love the pic with the skidding car.

:: Nicole.F :: said...

hehe.. can u really see it going sideways?? hmmmm...

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

lots of leng lui in ur multiply ar? i think i better check this out at home and not in office!

lovegoddess said...

wow..looks like u and russ had loadsa fun! i wanna come along if there's next trip!

Little Miss Curious said...
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Little Miss Curious said...

Yep, I can by looking at the rear tyres.